[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n life you’ll have your dream crushed by a thick white cloud over and over again. I know you have. You’ll share your dream with others expecting love and support, but what does one do when it get’s shut down?

In a journey of success this will happen to you. There will be others who will uninspired you, shoot you down and share that your dream is impossible. Isn’t it so? This is where your true test comes in.

What will you do when your heart sinks, really what will you do? Are you ready? I know this is not the first time this has happened to you.

But how would you feel if your dream was blown away into obscurity? Does it affect you? Will you lose your mind and convince yourself they are right? Again, what is your mental state to keep going? This is where the true test comes. [/column]

You have to hold on to it tightly. No matter how thick the cloud, something inside of you has to rise up and keep going. Despite all the odds, the comments, the arguments, the frustration you will endure in life, always be ready to not let it go.

There will be people in life who will rain on your morning day. They are there to doubt you, just walk away. There is not need to hear disbelieving beliefs.


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]enter yourself quietly by removing all that noise. A simple “so what” is enough. So what if they don’t blanket you.

Your mission is life is to hear and go through this noise and listen to your own tune. This is a test of belief. Do you believe in yourself? I know you do. That is why you keep your dream alive despite the odds.

It is not difficult, you know this inside you. But what do you need from yourself to push yourself? Make it feel real inside first. Keeping your purpose alive must be felt in your veins.

Create the sensation of success inside of you. How might it feel? Discover that and you’ll move forward in your goal How many times we have heard in our life we can’t and something inside of us tells us we can if we try. I think that is the true meaning of purpose living. You have to try.

I have tried many many times in life with no success. You’ll hear the words in the air you can’t or worst. But this should not affect you. These words do not exist in your plan of life.

Just listen to your own words. They are your true guide. Only your words will motivate you. Work for yourself. Create your dream and do not build another man’s. You have to work on your words to keep you moving.

Sometimes in life the hardest part is not working towards the goal but, working on yourself to get there. There is something inside of you looking to be more than what you are.

The life you believe you are is an illusion. And you know this. Clear away those tears and open your heart to your own true self. What really are you? What are you pursuing to fill inside emotionally?

That’s it. That is the key to success. It is not about persistence or anything. It is the self satisfaction to feel and prove yourself you are more.

Overcome one’s mind is the true victory. Your mind, overcoming these thoughts is true success.

Finally, you must feel your dream close to you, feel a fog vanishing away as you open your eyes to your true goal. Know it. Know that you will get there because you know.


  • Believe in your motivating words.
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