Are you willing to do what ever it takes to achieve your desires?

The question that you must answer that will motivate you and change your life is this.

When it comes to fighting for your dream you have to answer this one simple question.

Are you willing to sacrifice and keep working on your dream on your 20’s even if you haven’t seen results?

Are you willing to keep working on your dream even when you’re 25, 30, 35 or 40 when you haven’t seen any results?

If the answer is yes to all of them then you are really motivated to get where you want to be.

Most people quit when they don’t see results in one year, two years or more. But, you have to be different. You are different. Even when you don’t see results right away at your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s your dream has to move you so lively that you’re willing to keep trying.

If this is true for you than you have a dream worth fighting for.

Why Not Me

Second step, what will self-motivate you to get there is looking around you and tell yourself why not. Why not me. You see all around you people happy, peaceful, with great careers, jobs etc… and you have to look at yourself and say “Why not me!”

Why not you?

You have to believe in your heart that you deserve what everyone else has in their lives. Why not? Why not you?

You have to convince yourself that you deserve better and you’re willing to have what others have, but for you.

Think about it.

Why not me? Why not. I deserve it. You deserve it.

You have worked so hard in your life that perhaps you haven’t convince yourself that you don’t deserve it. Why not you, sometimes in life you are so convince that you don’t deserve happiness or great things in life, but as soon as you switch that mentally around you began to tell yourself why not you.

The next general manager at the department, why not you?

The next CEO, why not you?

The next happy father, mother, brother, success…Why can’t that person not be you?

It’s you. You have to become that person. You deserve to be happy and reach your wildest desires. Why no, right?

The Place

Where are you now?

When it comes to self-motivating yourself and getting better in life and moving forward one big motivator in your life is are you happy where you are now?

Most of you are not. Are you happy where you are at the present time in your life? Do you like the place, job, career, and many other things in life right now?

If you are not happy where you are at right now then you must change it. This should be the strongest motivator in your life. If you don’t like where you’re standing, where you’re breathing and where you’re going then you must change it.

You have to be serious with yourself and answer that question privately facing a mirror, “Are you happy where you are now?”.

If the answer is no then you have work to do, get started already and be in a place where you want to be.

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