Cherish each waking moment you have of life on important things in your life. Even when you feel life is over the beauty of life is the opportunities to wake again and value the things you have left behind. Life has a beautiful way of teaching you to hold on tightly to those that matter.

You are not alone. Even when life feels that it has abandoned you do not turn the other cheek. Open your heart to those possibilities and people that will help you grow. Always hold on or reacquainted yourself with those relationships you have left behind and nourish your self in them. Reach out to them when you feel your lowest sometimes a comforting ear is soothing to the soul.

You know what makes the heart fonder? Appreciating time, time is as precious as you. Sometimes we forget how much time we have spend neglecting our self care. Do not waste time away before you catch yourself looking at the mirror aged, and wondering what you have done with yourself.

Go back to your dreams, goals, and aspirations for they are waiting for you. They are still full of life you just have to give them breath.

Do not believe what you’re doing is in vain. Everything you do has a purpose, but to understand it you have to scratch more than just the surface. In due time you’ll see your goals materialize.

You know what helps? Get together with friends and family. Especially those special ones that give nutrition to your faith. Never give up on yourself because I know you’re going to make something out of yourself someday, just believe in yourself and the words you share to help yourself.

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