Make Your Life Yours

What makes life ours, our own?

Life is ours when we get a tingling sensation of care freeness. Nothing in our mind worries it. We let things be as they are. This helps us avoid having even a single drop of worry fill our cup. Life is great when you are in control.

How do you get there?

Getting there is a way of being.
We must believe our life is ours and safe to be who we are. A certain comfort covers us when we feel safe with just being us.

When you are convinced life is yours you calm down. Live does not seem too high paced. Expressing who you are and being in your own skin gives us power and a sense of control. This is my life and we get a higher sense of control where we can truly express what we are with others.

What makes us believe your life is yours. You breathe. We are in control of our breathe. No one else is doing it for us. Isn’t that proof enough you are in control? You have the liberty of choice to breathe or die. Choose life of course.

You know what makes life yours. When you’r true to your character. Life is more in control when you can be who you are without putting on a façade . Feeling free about oneself is key to having control of ones life. Being free to be.

You know what makes life ours? When we can be ourselves without putting on a mask. Life is more exhilarating when we are who we are without pretending to be someone else.

Life tends to be more difficult as someone else. We lose a sense of ourselves, our identity goes away when we are not in control. How many of us are existing as someone else and giving up our complete control to another? This can make us feel life is not our own.

You know what is amazing about life being ours. That you have the freedom to be anything you want to be. When you have that freedom you know your life is yours. Not many people can have this luxury. But, what will you do with you? Knowing that perhaps you have more control and opportunity than the rest.

This is the part where you choose. Suffer or start living your life.
Question yourself at what point in life have you given up on yourself or what needs to happen for you to realize your life is yours, but you’re wasting it?

This has happen to you because you lost faith in yourself. Something inside you is broken and you need your life back. You lost a sense of connection with yourself. Go ahead and put it back together.

Reestablish what you need to do to start believing in yourself again.

Work on your connection with your true self. Look at what kind of relationship you have with yourself. One of the best ways to feel life is yours is rekindling the relationship you have with yourself. That is how you will gain back what is yours, life.

Start building the relationship you need with yourself. Dive deep into yourself and look at all the areas in your life you have left unattended. Give attention to where attention is needed.

Start there to slowly regain what is yours.

You know who took life away from you? You, now go get it back


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