Man is born with many gifts but only one stands out from the pack. If he plays his cards right it will bring him the highest joy. But along the way why does he abandoned the one thing that brings him happiness the most?

To discover one’s true gift man has to start a personal self-exploration journey. He has to begin his mind with a new way of thinking. He must believe he has a purpose in life.

He must think there is significance for this birth here on earth. Another thought that helps man find his purpose is believing he is more than what he appears to be and his gift will reveal itself to him.

His true gift does not need to be developed or found. It has been in him the whole entire time. The only thing that makes it different is this thinking. Once thinking is change, things will reveal themselves to him.

A true gift is not found or developed but revealed to you. Perhaps you have abandoned it or have been in present of it the whole entire time but unconsciously ignored it.

Pay close attention to the signs for when you ask the gift will reveal itself to you spontaneously without warning.

Now back to the story. Man is always in search of finding meaning in life and there has to be a need to feel special and unique. When his true gift is revealed and expressed through his personality only then will he feel special and find meaning in life.

However, as he searches knowing that he is significant in life this will help him. Those two thoughts are powerful enough to help him closer to enlightens or spiritual awakening. For the modern man purpose.

When man is in search and has not found his purpose he must be persistent for his gift will be revealed to him sooner than he thinks. What makes men persistent in their search is the sensation that something inside of them tells them they are more than they appear.

Believing you are more than you appear helps in recovering your life’s purpose. I say recovering because along the path in your life you have used it, felt it and have it but stopped. What is it, ask yourself?


Something inside every man tells him he is more. He is important in life and he questions himself daily until he discovers it. There is no man to this point who ever has found his purpose without questioning himself non-stop until he success.

Questions are powerful motivators so, are beliefs.

A man must possess powerful beliefs in order for this to work. He must KNOW he will discover his life’s purpose. There should be no drop of doubt in his heart or blood. There should be no room whatsoever.

Gift’s are not given or revealed to those who doubt.

As he journey’s through life the second thing he must do is to reflect on his life. In that reflection he should be able to recognize what he is best. When he discovers he is great at everything and non-fulfillment occurs then he is on the wrong path.

Man will only discover his true purpose when it is done out of pure love. For those who are not emotionally fit, this is your next challenge to develop. You must learn to feel and not think.
A true life’s purpose is not thought but felt. It is something he feels is right: the truth.

Man’s true purpose rest on the FEELING and not the thought attached to his purpose. When he has discover that sensation in him he will recognize the truth in himself. He will KNOW he has found it.

There is no need to verify it with anyone else. He is certain with his discovery. His true purpose in life rest on recognizing the truth through sensing it.

FEEL it Within

A great tip is searching within. Man must believe something inside of him is alive burning with desire to come out. If he allows himself to feel within he will realize this unlimited ever-flowing power he possess.

He must listen and feel carefully in the parts of his body that give him the most feeling for things. One way of uncovering one’s purpose is man has to focus or pin point attention to himself.

The feeling he is looking for is the size of a pin point needle somewhere in his being. If he can mustard all his attention to it he will recognize it as his own.

There in that point is where the truth lies. Man’s true purpose is not found outside. If he can express that one drop of his true being through his personality he has found it.

When he has found his true purpose he will start noticing that is was there all along. He just ignored it, abandoned it or never had the courage to give it life.

The signs will be out here you just have to look and see. Once you become attuned to that frequency you will KNOW. What I am saying here is you have to KNOW you are special and have a gift. And with that gift you KNOW what you supposed to do without hesitation.

True human beings do not live in fear or thought. True men can sense in themselves when they have found their gift flowing throughout them freely: naturally. They feel their mind, body and soul as one.

Where have you felt that? When you have found your true purpose you will feel loose, limit-less. In a way real.

For many men feeling this way is true happiness. Life’s purpose is meant to bring the highest ecstasy a man can achieve. Finding meaning in life is not meant to be lived in pain or struggle. If you find yourself in this path change it.

Recovering Your Life’s purpose

So what does one have to do before wasting away life? In the beginning it may seem you are wasting your time when you feel unhappy with yourself and everything around you.

When man comes to that point he has to realize he is starting his life’s journey. He is in the right path because he is discovering what he is not. It is better for man to discover everything he is not to find one’s true purpose.

A great tip is recovering what has brought you the biggest joy in life and becoming what it is. In other words, man’s true purpose if he has not realized it or not has been living in him for a while but taken away from him by the exterior worlds distractions.

His life purpose has never been taken away from him. He is purpose he just hasn’t realized it or open his eyes to see.

Man’s greatest talent is he must again go inside himself and see what it is that gave him the highest joy in life and revive it in the now; present moment. It is the thing that gives man an entire body high.

When you have experience in your life an extreme self-satisfaction for something and have lost track of time, this my friend is your life’s purpose.

There is no trickery for this. Just like every other successful man you have known you can also walk that same path. You have to go back in time and bring what gives you the highest joy in the present and pay close attention to it for it is related to your life’s purpose. You must feel it it is not a thought.

Challenge QUESTION:

1. What brings you the highest joy in life and why haven’t you opened your eyes to it?

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