In this short mini guide you will learn how to grow your motivation, end procrastination and get your life back on track. I know you want more motivation and constantly wondering what to do with it. Well, now you’ll learn how to turn that around.

What you’re looking for is more motivation and I am going to share this simple guide to get you moving and achieving the goals you want in life.

Let’s get started.

Why Growing Your Motivation Will Change Your Life

By having more motivation in life you would achieve your goals. And you want to know how to grow it. The reason you feel you’re not growing in life is because you feel like you’re dying inside. You have no goals and you know having a goal to achieve will change your life. This will catapult you to a better sense of self, self esteem, get you a better job, career, income and more. Sounds like motivation is really important to you.

By having more motivation in life you’ll know you’ll achieve what you desire most in life: happiness, joy and be proud of yourself. It will help you become independent and make you have a sense of purpose in life.

The Most Important Factor in Growing Your Motivation

You lack something most successful people have. You know you need to build courage. By having courage you would be someone different. And being fearless you would believe you might accomplish anything. But you’re confused and scared.

There is one thing I will share with you if you don’t mind. Become fearless and stay. Success is not about being bold and brave but staying till the end. Do not give up and stay till things are finish. Would staying till the end be easier for you?

Questions to Ask Before You Start

If you knew what you wanted in life things would be different for you. There would be no need for procrastination. You need a goal to achieve. And this is what you want to figure out. Only if you knew what you wanted to achieve in life you would feel motivated to do something about it. Despite knowing a goal in your life would do some good for you.

If you knew yourself better you would not have this problem. This is where you’re stuck. Perhaps you must ask yourself the kind of person you want to become and you no one has ever asked you? Who would you like to transform yourself into?

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How to Find the Right Equipment

You know the answer. You know you have to do all the work and no one will help you. There is no equipment required. You are the tool. You have a pen and paper and write down what you’re going to become and achieve. By writing your plan down you’ll get a sense of direction and more incline to do something about it.

If someone could help you maybe you will feel motivated. However, you know that will never happen. You have to act alone and that is tough for you.

How to Prepare Your Motivation

Now that you have written down a change plan it’s time to commit yourself to action. This is where you had trouble before and now that you have a plan you’re more willing to do it. Go out there and put it to work. Put your plan into action and just do it!

What To Expect

Now that you have the proper change plan or goal you are more willing to put it to work. You know what you’ll expect and feel more secure in applying it. I always say that with the right direction, the right plan, you’ll get the right result. Expect good things to happen.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

You know the mistakes you must avoid that haunt you. If you could just get rid of your laziness you would change your life. You’re going to avoid laziness at all cost because you know you cannot achieve anything in life with it. Do not get distracted by it.


This post is comprehensive especially when it comes to committing to a change plan. However, you know if you put this plan into action it will work. Enjoy the journey.

All I can say is this. I see you want to change, now that you have a plan and know what you must avoid to get there all you must do is take action. Being unmotivated for you must’ve been tough because you had no direction and now that you do have somewhere to be and become it is time for you reap your rewards.

Stay motivated.

Ricardo Ortiz


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