tank-203496_640By turning our self-esteem into a high performing machine we’ll achieve the confidence we need to live a better quality of life with our selves and others.

Once we achieve the self-esteem we’re looking for we will overcome the fears, insecurities and frustrations of life. By removing the negative beliefs we have about our self-esteem we will live the life we always wanted.

But, what is keeping us from believing in ourselves, trusting our selves and achieving a much better emotional state? What are these obstacles?

For starters when we are depressed about our lives we get rid of this feeling by asking ourselves a fundamental question that will propagate us to a higher emotional happy state. This question is, “Who am I?” This is a question we never ask ourselves that is why we are not happy without ourselves. Like most depressed people they have no purpose in life so they are dying inside. When we have no purpose in life we are also dying inside. This is why its important to start questioning ourselves who we are, what we want and what are we going to transform into? When we have purpose in life we seek to transform ourselves into a much happier being.

When we are constantly transforming ourselves we get closer to who we are.

Knowing who we are becomes the biggest motivator for understanding what makes us happy.

When we know what we desire, need and want in life we need to know one important element. This is finding out what we stand for. What is our purpose? What do we want to risk our lives for? When we don’t know the answers to these questions we feel worthless, useless, & dying inside emotionally. By searching within ourselves we will find what makes us feel significant and worthy inside. We work our asses off to carve that being.

When you know where you are heading you it builds your confidence.

When we finally have the answers of who we are, what we stand for the next step is knowing where we are heading. Most depressed people do not have a path to follow. This makes them unhappy. You must not be like so. You have to lead your life to a path of happiness. You have to know where you are heading. By knowing where we are heading we build our emotional happiness. This gives us certainty to keep going and not giving up. We feel more safe and secure about our lives and where it’s heading when we know our target. In others words, you will gain the confidence you need in life by knowing what you are shooting for.

You become happier as you get closer to your target or bulls-eye.

You must create an emotional goal that provides growth in your life. When you are depressed you’re surrounded by emotional death. In other words you lack goals. When you have no goals in life you are slowly emotionally dying inside. You should always be in pursue to happiness and growth. These are the only two important elements that will help you in your journey. Have goals that inspire you to move forward. Ask yourself, what is my target? What will make me happy? And start taking action towards it.

We must socialize

 When we change our beliefs we change our lives. The very last belief you should create for yourself is socializing because it gives us emotional growth. When you’re depressed you tend to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. You have to learn how to socialize with the world. When you do this you start growing emotionally and feel significant with others. Always find people who are emotionally stable, supportive and most important people who have the same goals as you.

A powerful belief you need to take away is hiding from others does not bring happiness.

By exposing ourselves to the world we become happy because it’s a social need for us to keep interacting with other people and exposing our selves to different range of emotions especially healthy ones. We want our self-esteem to become a high performing machine in our lives and we will get there but as I mentioned we must create new beliefs for ourselves, construct slowly the person we want to become and have a goal for that new person we are constructing for ourselves. By achieving all of these beliefs we’ll feel better & live better.

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