How To Recognize The New You

In life do not let anyone tell you you will not become who you are destined to be. Never, never let anyone take that away from you. There will be family, friends and foes who will discourage you and stop you from reaching your goals. But, You keep going. Because something inside you knows they don’t see what you see.

In you lives a being, so powerful that only you will recognize him.

How do we recognize that person in you? It is when something inside you is burning , is alive, FEELS alive and is asking to come out. Cant you hear him? It is waiting on you to uncover him and show it to the world.


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]s not the time now to hide him. Many have hidden away who they really are and expect wonderful changes to happen to them. You will not be like that. You will transform yourself into the one thing you are afraid of being. Do not avoid it. This is not you. You are better than this.

Recognize your true nature and rise into the person you are. It is okay to be different, it is okay to be the best and it is okay to be unrecognizable.

How will you recognize this new person emerging from you?


When you become this new identity a sensation will feel as if time has collapsed over. You will be not yourself. It will give you peace of mind that this new you will feel like flowing.


What is that feeling? It is your new you. When you are comfortable with expressing this new you; you are transformed. You are becoming your true self. A new persona ladies and gentlemen.


This is by all means the person you have always dreamed of. Now that you have recognized it. It is time to not be afraid, take action because this new you will take you to higher places your old you has never thought of.

It is okay to be him. It is okay to demonstrate him.

If you are truly inspired there is no shame of wanting to be him. There is no shame of being you. This is the personality the world needed from you.

You are meant to change the world and more.

It’s Okay To Do What You Do

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce you have nailed that person in you the next step is to start living like him. Only he will create the world of your dreams that your old self is too afraid of doing.

Have the same courage he does. Enjoy the life he has, how he thinks and best of all he is not ashamed of making a living from what he does.

Overcome these childish excuses of yours and become the person you know you could be. You are a working project in the works. Work hard on your goals, but work harder on you.

Next Step

1. Why, Do you enjoy being about your new personality ?

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3 Replies to “Making A Permanent Lasting Change In Your Life”

    1. They are more like revelations, awakening , something you feel that you must do. I always follow them because they bring good fortune, growth and inspiration. So, follow your intuition epiphany do what needs to be done. Best.

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