[dropcap]H[/dropcap]opeful people have the most highest self esteem compare to any other type of person.

They believe self-esteem is gained and not bought through the mind. They are flexible with their ideas, beliefs and search for multiple ways to feel great about themselves.

Let’s look what are some tips of hopeful people with high self-esteem?

Loneliness Is Not The Answer

They know distancing themselves from the rest is not the answer for acquiring feeling better. They find ways to get out there, share their stories, emotions and thoughts with friends, families and strangers. They believe they are valuable people and have something significant or important to share with the rest.

They are well aware that rejection comes with sharing themselves with the rest but they keep going. They know a rejection is not self-rejection because they are motivated by the belief that they know they will not please everybody but they are content. They are most content with selective people close to them. They don’t need to be accepted by all just by a few.

They are bold with their emotions. They are not afraid they will be judged by how they feel about persons, places or things. They embrace new experiences so they won’t feel lonely. They are not locked up in their own minds safe from discovery new things.

Discover Feeling Significant

One of the things that make hopeful people feel great is feeling important to others, things or themselves. They embrace and know humans are social beings and take action of that belief. They know it’s a NEED like water and oxygen. They don’t go off with out it. The action that helps them the most is connecting with as much people as possible. Higher their social networks higher self-significance or importance the better they feel. This does not mean smaller the group of friend’s lowers the self-esteems. They judge their relations based on the quality it provides emotionally.

Self-Recognition Is A Big Booster

Hopeful people with the best high self-esteem are confident because they celebrate their own achievements. There are times in our lives that we want to hear from our parents or partner “I am proud of you”, or another sort of positive feedback, but hopeful people with great self esteem do not wait to be recognized or celebrated by that particular person.


They do not depend to be recognized for their achievements by others. They are comfortable celebrating their own goals. They know it’s a big part of recognizing they have potential and they keep growing. The best part is recognizing and celebrating your achievements also with a network of friends.

Achieving self-esteem is great, start going out there making friends, emotional connections of high quality & most of all recognize your own positive parts of you. You should also celebrate your own goals when achieved. Personal change happens when you start seeing yourself first.

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