What makes it difficult to develop a growth mindset now a days?

The problem is most minds are preoccupied with depression, anxiety, apathy and lack of motivation. And what ever the mind is most occupied and harboring in it’s space it will bring up to life.

Then what is the solution to building a strong growth mindset today. A growth mindset has to do with what its being feed. What ever you feed your mind it will create.

So let’s get started on building a growth mindset right now.


Building a growth mindset is a skill that has to be develop in order to get unstuck in life or lesson life’s pains. A growth mindset is essential for any man who wants to succeed in any endevour. Only those with a great powerful growth mindset have achieve greatness in life.

It has nothing to do with being born with it. It is not inherited. A growth mindset is a skill everyone can develop. Even you.

The more a man build’s this skill I promise you the way he will see life will change. He will see miracles in his life that will open his eyes to a whole new world.

Let’s get started officially.


You need the seed of growth. You need to start somewhere. A growth mindset needs an idea to work on or it will perish. Once a growth mindset has a seed in place it will start putting it into work nonstop until it becomes successful.

Developing a growth mindset has to do with cranking over your belief system. It needs to be polished, cleaned and reprogrammed. Anyone who has overcome difficulties in life is due to having a growth mindset in placed.

Building a growth mindset has to do with creating a seed of growth. An idea or thought in the mind.

Let’s take this for example. Building a business. You must first plant in your mind the idea that you want a business and no matter what circumstances in life you face you must not let it go.

Nourish that idea. Feed that idea and do what ever it takes to build your business. It doesn’t have to be a business per se it can be any idea or area in your life you want to grow or improve.

The key here is a growth mindset has the characteristics of being stubborn with an idea and stern attitude of achieving success. It believes it will attain it. It is stubborn, bullheaded and knows nothing will stand on it’s way.

A growth mindset knows not to give up. It holds on to it’s goal and trajectory until it is done. It knows it is in for the long run. This is what differentiates itself from the weaklings in life.


Another fascinating thing about growth mindsets they are consistent even if they don’t know where they are heading. They accomplish a lot in life because they believe they deserve to succeed.

In other words they feel it’s their destiny to have. To own.

They believe they will have their goal in life. They intuitively know this as a fact even when they are accused as crazies, jokesters or more. One thing to learn from these people is the ability to convince themselves they deserve greatness in their life.

When they are fueled by this necessity to own and to want. Remember that a growth mindset with a seed or idea in place will do anything to get it’s hands on it. Nonstop. A growth mindset will mold you into a magnet sort of way.

That is all you will think about. And remember a mind will create what ever it harbors most in place so choose a growth mindset for it will grow something in place.

There are obstacles they face in life but a growth mindset does not bother to be defeated. It will always get up and fight. Again, because it believes what ever it is it wants its theirs. They want the big house, the big car, the nice life, personal freedom and they do go through large lengths to get it because they believe they own. That it’s there.

Isn’t that a unique psychology to have? Perhaps there is no magical formula for these people. But you can learn a thing or two about developing or having a growth mindset like them.

They are not trash talkers. What do I mean by this. Well I have seen that a growth mindset put money where it’s mouth is. It is not a talker but a doer. They push themselves into action because they don’t want to disappoint themselves.

It appears that successful people with great growth mindsets do what is necessary to avoid feeling guilty, shame or disappointment. Isn’t that also amazing?

A growth mindset will do anything to avoid those emotions or feelings. It has no room for it. It fears failure and disappointment.


Because it has a great fear of those emotions it places action immediately to feel it’s counter opposite which is happiness, growth, abundance, freedom, success and more. A growth mindset is truly amazing to have and build.

And you know what else? A growth mindset is fearful of those negative emotions that it’s willing to fail over and over again until it reaches those happy feelings agains. Heck, that is why they keep trying over and over again because they dislike the feeling of failure. Who doesn’t?

They do what is necessary to avoid them.

The best advice I can tell you here is you must love feeling failure if you’re not doing anything to change your life. This is where you need to start thinking differently about your life situation.

A growth mindset is the way to go in life. No one likes feeling failure. No one likes disappointments. But you do. This is your chance to change this.

That is what is amazing about developing a growth mindset. It pushes you to not feel crappy in life. Perhaps that is what you need to do. To start falling in love with happier feelings and let go of the old ones.

Start getting yourself a growth mindset today.

To conclude a growth mindset has to do with having an idea in life. A growth mindset convinces you that you deserve happiness, you deserve better. It catapults you to put action in your life because a growth mindset dislikes negativity.

I guess it’s time to start changing today and reprogram your mind how it should be.


I want to hear from you. What beliefs are preventing you from developing a growth mindset in your life? Write them on the comments below.

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