What is stopping you from living the life you deserve? It could be many things but if you suffer from depression guilt can be something that is stopping you from living the life you deserve as well as building the confidence you need to believe in yourself.

Imagine believing in yourself without feeling guilty? How is that like?

You would stop seeing everything negatively, become sociable and stop seeing everything as fearful or harmful. Would you want that for yourself?

You are the ONLY ONE responsible for building your self-esteem.

If you want to build the confidence to believe in yourself you MUST start by looking at yourself at the mirror and COMMANDING yourself “I am responsible for my own self-confidence and no one else”. Most depressed people do not make the DECISION to change their lives. How would your life be like if you made the decision to grow? Sometimes because of this lack of decision you’re going to be left feeling guilty.

Start now!

Making Decisions For Yourself Is Key To Believing In Yourself

The only way you will get rid of depression and guilt is by starting to make SIMPLE decisions that will change your life. Decisions that are so impactful that they will build your confidence little by little and give you the certainty you need to believe in yourself and skyrocket. Decisions are power to building self-esteem.

How do we start building our self-esteem?

You have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “What needs to happen in your life to get rid of the guilt that is preventing you from growing? I ask you this because most depressed people feel responsible for almost anything feeling guilty or this self-blame prevents them from building their self-esteem. Do not be one of these people. This will only bring your confidence down. You have to look at the reality to set yourself free from guilt.

Reality will set your guilt free.

When you start seeing the reality of things you’ll notice that this guilt you feel wasn’t your fault or imaginary. Once you identify this information in your mind you must immediately get over it and take charge. Make the decision that you’re going to be guilt free.

The healing process must start with you. With honesty you will free yourself from this responsibility and heavy weight of the world. If it’s not your fault let go. Look at yourself honestly “It is not my fault”. Again, reality will set you free and then make an impactful powerful decision to build your self-esteem to grow.

You Can Still Build Your Self-Confidence Without Being Perfect

There is another point you must know before feeling confident in life. You have to get rid of the perfectionist mentally especially if you suffer from depression because this will only make you feel guiltier if you fail. Along with it feelings of powerlessness and incompetence come along. You are not perfect. Can you name someone in this world 100% error free? You are human allow yourself to make mistakes and live life.

Be content with who you are.

How less stressful would your life be if you didn’t have to think about being perfect? There are many in this world that are imperfect and happy. You have to ADAPT to this mindset in order to feel guilt free and build your confidence towards happiness. Embrace that you are different and enjoy different things in life. Open yourself to new possibilities and you’ll see how much faster your confidence will grow with out being thinking you have to be perfect.

Do not be that type of person that does not reach the confidence and happiness they deserve because of their irrational or imaginary guilt. Banish it from your mind let go and move on. The only reason you cannot let go of your guilt and live the live you deserve because you want to be the hero. Stop being the hero of the situation when it wasn’t your fault. Let others be the hero and let your self be free.

Are you willing to start being the hero of your own life instead and build the confidence you need to enjoy life better?

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