What is stopping us from living the life we deserve? And you’ll be surprise that there is something that you and I could be going through right now that is stopping us from feeling amazing in life. That something is guilt. Guilt is the number one enemy in depression stopping us from experiencing the life we deserve.

Imagine living a life without guilt. How would this be like? I imagine it a life with out fears, insecurities and most of all depression. How do you imagine life guilt free for you?

We have to examine our beliefs and create new beliefs. I’ll share with you the beliefs that could be stopping us from achieving a better well-being for you.

You must be responsible for your own well-being.

If we truly want to feel great about ourselves we MUST start by confronting ourselves face to face. We look at ourselves in the mirror and admit, “We are responsible for our self-esteem and no one else”. We start by making a firm DECISION to change our life. We do this for one reason to avoid feeling guilty in the present and the future. Sometimes in life we regret making decisions that would change our life for the better but for some reason we avoid them regretting it later. Avoid it immediately and take the chance to change how you feel!

We have to start now!

Making decisions in life is key to believing in you.

To avoid feeling guilty in life we start making SIMPLE decisions that will make powerful changes in the way we feel. We make decisions that will build our self-esteem, our self-confidence and our persona. Decisions are powerful for doing this. The more positive things we see in our life from our decision making the better we will feel. This is the only way we will stop feeling guilty by taking action on those decisions that will make a positive impact on our feelings.

Reality will set you free.

What else will set us guilt free? When we start seeing reality as it is. The healing process will start in us once we become honest with ourselves. When we are truly honest with our life circumstances then we make a firm decision to take responsibility of our actions this is when we will feel great about our selves. Guilty people do not take responsibility for their actions and if you want to become guilt free start now by being responsible.

You Can Still Build Your Self-Confidence Without Being Perfect

Another important belief we must be aware that could be causing us to feel guilty in life is perfectionism. In our mind we fabricate the belief that we must be perfect in order to feel better. Perfectionism only embodies in our mind powerlessness and incompetence when we fail. We have to create the belief that we are not perfect and admit it. You are not perfect. I am not perfect. The only way we will get over this challenge is by allowing ourselves to make mistakes. As longest we are growing from this mistakes little by little we will be much happier human beings. Our stress levels will go down.

Be content with who you are.

By not thinking about perfectionism, how less stressful would your life be? We must create the belief that in this world no one is perfect and there are in this time of age happy imperfect people who are content with who they are. By embracing the belief that we are imperfect and different we will enjoy the growth process in life. By eliminating the belief of perfectionism our lives it will change our emotional state.

Now the one reason that you haven’t reached the level of well being you deserve is that your guilt is created by taking responsibilities that do not belong to you. When you take responsibilities that you cannot handle you break down, feel depressed and fail. You need to stop being the hero and take care of yourself this is why you feel so guilty in life. You are not all powerful, you are not perfect and you need to focus on you.

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