What is our purpose? Ever questioned yourself this?

As we look deep inside ourselves we come to realize some, not all that we are unhappy with our life. We are puzzled more because we don’t know why. But, we know why it is because we in some point of our lives have lost the meaning of living: life. We forgot to enjoy its simple ways of enjoying.

This occurs to us when we are distracted without knowing how much noise and shatter is in our lives that we forget to live. We forget to know what it is like to be human, alive, what is the meaning of life. We must question this deeply:

As we look inside we are scared to find out we are the ones who locked away our own happiness, meaning and more.

This is why we live unhappy lives day to day: mundane like this man.

Have you ever found yourself masking away happiness. Just like the chameleon man masking away happiness on the outside it oozes from him but as you taste it with your lips it is sour and pungent. It is full of fake essence. And we are conscious just like this man how much secretly we hide our unhappiness and misery inside. We are great actors in this world.

Just like the chameleon man we live our lives day to day realizing and hopefully one day waking up every morning questioning our existence. Why do we do what we do? Perhaps we do it just because or we do it because we care less. Life for us has become automatic, bland, tasteless and sour. Just like the chameleon man our lives have become so routine, mundane we are bore out our own existence.

How could this have happened to us? In other words, should we question ourselves why we have failed in life? Why do we feel unfulfilled in life when we have everything. For some we have achieved the successful dream, the goal. When we look around we have a home, the car, the family the money and deep inside our selves we are empty. We our sour.

Is it because we have lived a life full of luxury? It is more than that. It is because we have forgotten the meaning of living: the meaning of life. This whole time in our lives not all just some we have spent most of time accumulating things, setting goals with finish lines, and in a constant hurrying achieving and doing and never stopping to digest each piece beautifully.

We have let life pass us by without us knowing. It hurt us to find that we are still empty inside when the world out there cries for what we have.

We have lost ourselves.

Just like many people in the world. We question ourselves why we are unhappy with ourselves. But there is a an answer to that and it is in this story.

Just like the chameleon man he has lost passion, feeling and fervor for life and things. Everything that he touches started to become bland for him. Even the most . Even the most exquisitely tasting foods lost their taste. Hobbies become boring and all in all life becomes something ordinary: insignificant for him. How many of us have lived lives feeling ordinary, bland and insignificant?

This happens to many people who spend their lives just accumulating, doing and doing and forgetting the true essence of happiness: life.. This is what I call existing instead of living.

I believe meaning is what gives us humans meaning or in other words existence to be. It gives us the motivation to keep living and experiencing feeling alive. When we forgot the meaning of life we forget how to feel and we pay the highest price emotionally deep in our soul.

For most of us, we must find meaning not at the end of things but the process of doing things. We find ourselves making the mistake of accumulating what is not necessary and what is worst we falsely believe that our identity is in things which is wrong. In a sense we have lost our self when we come to the conclusion that life was more than just accumulating.

We are shocked to live this big illusion. Just like the chameleon man who has spent all his life accumulating and waking everyday of his life only to fall asleep unhappy. It is sad to head towards a life similar to this.

Then what is happiness? It starts by giving meaning to things we live for. We must start giving meaning to the relationships we have, the job we do, the car we drive, the experience we live and everything else.

We must learn to do things with meaning.

We must learn to look at ourselves in the mirror and question our own existence why? What is the reason we are here and our meaning for things etc.

The best way to start is questioning ourselves everyday and reflecting on our life. What gives us fulfillment in life or better yet we have to place meaning to it. The faster we are to find meaning in things the higher our energy will vibrate and go. Life is richer and meaningful when it has a meaning we agree on.

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