Finding meaning in life is something I question myself all the time how about you? What is the reason for our existence perhaps the answer to that question will put all us at ease.

But how do we get there?

What is our purpose in life? What is our mission? And for this reason we find ourselves in this life in a pool full of confusion. The thing we most hate to feel is that black hole within us, empty and hollow. We have come to define it as an existential question of our being.

But there is a solution to all of this. It occurred to me that most of us felt this emptiness in our soul or inside because something is missing. We feel there is more to life than what we see, touch and feel. What is it?

What I’ve discovered is the human being does not question his purpose in life. This is the first step of waking a spiritual beginning or purpose in life. Here is where we need to begin if we want to end our existential emptiness. How many of us are tired of living life and want to know what is out there more for us.

There must be more than this. This is what gives us hope. We hope we are here for a purpose and a reason. A lesson in life we must learn or experience. We want answers to our existence.

“Questioning our existence is where we need to begin”.

I notice we start questioning our existence in life when we start losing taste and passion for life. When everything around us is bland and boring. We start questions our selves when we have all the material in the world and nothing in the world. There is more. We feel it and know it, but we don’t know how to discover it so we question.

Perhaps revisiting the passion we have lost in our lives will give us the clues of why we are here. Perhaps that is the answer passion.. Where have we lost it or have we left it behind? All of these are questions we must start asking ourselves to find true purpose and self discovery.

Another thing I noticed is we forgot or plain stupidly lost and have no clue how to give meaning to our life. I believe we question our existence in life because we forgot to give meaning to our selves. We lost what life means. We have lost the meaning of living. In that same category lost the passion for loving life because we don’t know what life is!

We learned to settle and be unhappy in life and forgot to recognize what happy is. The feeling of happiness has left our mind and where have we left it and why? Are we willing to change and be happy again.

I noticed that most who question their purpose in life and existence are those who lost purpose completely. But in a deeper level it is more than that. We seek purpose in life because we want to feel complete. The reason we have lost passion and fervor for life is because we know there is a missing piece of our selves lingering some where, but where? Our hopes is to find it and feel complete. To return to the source as some spiritual gurus might say. I guess this is the second clue we must do to go find it or perhaps we already have it and ignored it.

That is it! We want to find purpose in life to feel complete and there is nothing more complicated than that or is it? I believe not. I have seen those who live their lives accordingly to their purpose are the happiest. They report feeling “complete” or “whole again”.

That is the big mystery, “again”. Why do most people say to feel whole again. Where they born into this planet incomplete and where complete before landing here. That is a big mystery to figure out.

I want to feel whole. Perhaps that is what we need to do. Align ourselves with our purpose through self questioning of what is our purpose in life? And why am I here? Finding the answer to these questions will certainly put me at ease.
Perhaps this type of spiritual enlightenment per se is what we are looking for in this world. When we begin to question our purpose and find what moves us we begin to live better meaningful lives. I guess that is where you and I should start looking deep inside ourselves and find meaning.

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