What moves a man to take action?

It’s all about the psychology he carries. There is no man in life successful with an empty mind. There is only one single matter of thinking that catapults man towards his dreams.

And it is this.

He implants in his mind one powerful seed, a thought or an idea. And what he does with the seed will determine his future. To wish him well we all desire for man to nourish it and become patient with his seed.

He must not abandoned it even if he sees no growth. He must keep it close to his heart as if his life depended on it. He must believe the seed is his only survival and purpose in life.

He must believe he is destined for this.
He has to believe he is the only one who carries it.

Seeds work best when they come from within. They must be authentic and inspiring. They must move the heavens and the earth. This seed or thought must be so powerful they must make other men envy him.

What makes people take action is that. The capability to convince oneself regardless of the results. He is not to be scared of his future vanishes.

Once you have created that seed or thought in your mind, there is where you will partake action. Your spirit will awaken and move into the flow of creating. Do not let any dark though cloud the mind.

What makes a man take action?


His thoughts must feel true to him. When your thought talks to you and feels real. Is is in that specific moment you move towards your goal. Many men say you only need one thought to pursue your goals. I say there are also men who need many reasons to move. One is not enough.

Sometimes reasons and motivations fade or grow old and another must take his place. Men become lazy when they have no more reasons or “whys” to pursue.

A true man of genius knows reasons lose their strength and he must trick his mind again to pursue another thought, but towards the same result. Man needs to feed himself constantly the idea or ideas to push him everyday.

He cannot rely on just one reason. That is the reason he is inactive. Find your reasons. Man need a plethora of them to fuel his mind.


Second sin that feeds inactivity is dishonesty. He has to be true to himself. To end emotional torment he must be frank about wanting to pursue his goals. He must face himself and say the reason he is not where he wants to be is because of his laziness, stubbornness or more. You must learn your character defects.

Those who succeed in life separate themselves from the herd. The dishonest people achieve nothing in life. Those true to their real nature succeed. They overcome their barriers and change their bad habits, their thoughts. In other words, they completely transform themselves into what they want to be. They believe they will become somebody in life. This propels man to action.

Man is not a procrastinator but a creator. He is here to accomplish many things in life. He has a beautiful machinery which is his body and a mind that can do wonders. This is the true beauty of man, he must exploit his true potential.

Speaking of his mind. He also has the power to lift himself from falls. He has the capability to control emotions at will. We have seen how he can bring happiness in life and with another thought bring suffering. This is so powerful. How he can control his body at will by thoughts and emotions.

If you really think about it. Those type of people do not drift at will and always come back on the road. They do not let distractions keep them away from their focus. Even if their car breaks down they walk towards their goal.

Action people have a great sense of listening to their inner intuition. They know when they are wrong and sense it. Their heart tells them where to go. They are big heart-feeling followers. This is their true power.

They also believe they can become anything in life. I repeat this phrase above because it is true. They desire and they achieve. What moves them is the psychology that they can do anything in life. They have choosen a life of wealth, abundance, and happiness. They don’t see happiness in mediocre. they must not become the norm.

They always choose a path of righteousness. Even when the odds are against them, they choose a path of growth, high results, and something that will make a splash in the world. This is the psychology of a true mover and shaker.

He (man) always finds in his world (mind) a better place to improve.
What moves man into action is his true nature. When he realizes what he truly is, doubt and fear go away from him. He carries with him certainty, a though a psychology for change.

He must desire change in order to move. He has to become conscious of his “stuckness” in life.

What moves man into action?

It’s his psychology. He believes he is of good nature. He is born to be the perfect machinery that he is. All he has to do is place in EFFORT and start cranking the machine. You know what the beauty of the human machine is? It only needs one crank to wake your spirit within.

It is that one push that circulates motivation within his mind. It is that one push that circulates in his veins life and the rest of his body. He does not need another to make him move. He himself is self-sufficient to help himself get moving.

If he depends on the push of another he loses the will to move. When those he depends on leave. His dream goes with him. However, if man depends only on himself to move and achieve, then it doesn’t matter to him if others depart his company. The dream will stay alive in him.

True meaning of life is self-development not dependent-development. It is true those men who have become great in life did not do it alone, but in the beginning the first step towards greatness was made alone.


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