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First You Must Listen

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat are the three simple patterns for success? I will tell you, read on.

Just listen to what your art, craft, goal, purpose etc means. Listen to it carefully what does it mean?

Perhaps the reason you are not successful in life is because you don’t listen. You have to open your ears. And become a great listener.

Listen to yourself carefully and truly dive inside yourself what is your self telling you what you must do? When are you going to start taking action towards your goal?

Do not spend your life listening to the outer world for you will mis attend the one that truly matters. Give life to the one that will truly inspire you, move you and catapult you into success. When are you going to take the necessary kick ass action step you need to take NOW that is going to transform your life?

Stop listening to everyone else’s gibberish and get started, listen to your art. Stop ignoring it by wasting your ears for others that are not worth it. You need to wake up and plug your ears for you. What is that voice in your head telling you¬†what you must do to reach your goal today?

I am not referring to starting the next sun rising or moon falling. We need to spend hours and hours listening to who we really are. Let that true artist, creative, entrepreneur, writer, etc. start living life. He will do a better job at living than us. If we do not feel brave enough to live, take risk and become better in life then give that life to whom would truly make something out of it.

Listen to that inner core. He will make a better life out of it, but let him come out. He is not afraid, he is not a wimp, he is everything you are not. Listen to him roar. What is he saying? What is keeping the raging bull inside you caged?

The question is why do you keep him caged? What has he have done to you? All he wants to do is succeed, grow, and be more than you. Isn’t it fair enough to let him come out and live? He will do a a better job than you do.


[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any of us go through life scared of becoming who we truly are. When are we going to let the beast inside of us go wild, create and become who we are afraid to be?

Sometimes in life we do not succeed in life or find purpose because we want to feel in control of something we know will get out of control.

We start creating false beliefs that have caged our beast inside. If we let our true self run wild others will fear it, run away or see us as danger. But, what they forget is we are the only one’s who can truly control that creative beast inside of Us.

You are the only one who can tame this animal, feed it and when you please destroy it. It is better for the world to see who you truly are?

You already posse a power unmeasurable in you. When people lay eyes on you they do not see weakness, empty existential feelings or more.

They see a potential animal emerging out of you. They want to see what you are made of, what are you afraid of if you are the beast? You are the creative, the entrepreneur, find your purpose and develop it into a shiny pearl and give it away.

Give it away for this is what living life is all about. You first discover your purpose in life, develop it and share it with your world.

But, how will you do this if you keep your gift caged up inside of you. Caged inside a cell deep somewhere in the dungeons of your heart. Only you know the way into the lion’s labyrinth, and only you have the key to success.

Many men have failed to find the lion’s den. And those who have managed to get close to it have died. How come you are the only one that knows the path and own’s the key.

Because it is you who has to become powerful, someone in life. Life has chosen you and no one else. It is life telling you that this gift is only for you and no one else’s. Do do you believe this?

Only you are the one that has to go through the maze and come out transformed. The question is when will you take the first step in retrieving it. Retrieve your gift, it is waiting for you.

Open your eyes. You are meant to succeed. You are meant for more. Isn’t it so?


[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust be there if you are scared. It is normal to go inside the labyrinth of our mind and become victorious. Many man do not come out so victorious.

Many dive inside their heart and mind and come out empty, why so? Because their true intentions are somewhere else. Some use their gift for malice so the gift disappears from them.

You must just be there. With open heart, listen to your true self, uncaged and FEEL what it tells you. Many have describe this feeling as awakening, intuition, voice, gut feeling, YES! this is your true self and it wants to come out.

When are you going to let him come out and become the true shiny star it is meant to be. Imagine the world how it would be if your true self expresses itself through you.

This is you a power so real it has to wake up. It has been alive inside of you for centuries and it is NOW. Not tomorrow that you have to burst it out. Listen to it carefully. It does not have malice or wrong intentions for you.

Many do not follow their dreams because they do not follow their intuition. Our intuition is there to guide us, inspire us, a spirit with good intentions. It will always give us what we need. It is there to feed us, guide us and point us to the right direction.

Our inner purpose no matter the circumstances in life it will move the cosmos, universe, life in ways for it to become true. This is why we find ourselves in wrong circumstances of life. Troubled events, relationships and more.

Our purpose in life will always find ways for it to come true whether we like it or not. However, as I mentioned your purpose in life is wonderful, good and powerful. When you align yourself to it, it will give you meaning and happiness. It’s intention is not to demoralize us on the contrary it will shine light on our dark soul.


1. Pick a sound proof spot, think, meditate.

2. Listen to your inner self, be afraid, do what it tells you to do.

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