I know you’re going to change your life because something inside of you has realized that you need to make a personal change now. You have been saying for some time enough is enough, or felt that you hit rock bottom and you want something better for you. Now it’s time to start living a better quality of life starting today . You’re convinced you have to change your ways, your goals: everything. The life you lived is no more.

I am hearing one of your biggest motivators is your family or perhaps a certain family member who wants to see you shine. Hold on to that special someone because its going to be your rock.
You want to make them feel proud. You don’t want to disappoint them. You are convinced that failure is not an option here.

What is amazing about them is they are still there for you despite the treason, lies, and disappointments , something inside of you has convince you that you’re doing this personal growth in your life for them, but most important for you. This is a way to prove yourself that it’s your turn to place some responsibility in you.

You are not just saying those words for them to be heard. You believe in them and with those words you are going to prove to the world and most of all that you want to be someone in life .
You have realized that it starts by placing action behind your emotions. Once you have achieved a change in your life they’ll see that you were serious about it. This is your Milky Way of demonstrating to the world that you can and you will. The true reason you’re proving it to yourself.

Starting Over

Perhaps you are going to start by forgetting the past. Leave everything behind that has hurt and hindered your emotional stability and growth and start all over again. Start fresh with a new slate, and forget the old habits and bad company and who cares about leaving the material goods. The most important thing is your growth; your own emotional stability to transform yourself from within.

Once you are someone new and you begin balancing your life, the world will rearrange itself at your fingertips. Once you’ve got your self centered and focus without distraction you see the better light of you. You’ll engage with the world, your job, career etc. You will start living again. For once in your life it will better once again.

I believe change in you. Hearing you it seems you’re ready to change. Growth will come your way and you’re optimistic about yourself because you believe in you, and have the affection of a loving supportive person in your life and I know you’re not going to disappoint them. It’s sort of if self love is your reason.

You know how I know you want this so bad, because you’re tired of the going through those false doors of happiness. You are tired of those refugee doors, you have use those methods just to escape from your reality, but I see in you that you’re honest now. You want to make a lasting change in your life.

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