It is in that moment where you feel like quitting the most where growth happens. It is in that moment where it makes you or breaks you. Realize how important the moment should for you. But, never never give yourself the opportunity to quit. You fight and you strive away from those moments every time all the time.

You know the feeling. You have felt those moments of giving up in your life but you know you must keep pushing yourself because you are hungry to succeed. In life you must be hungry. You have to feed your mind persistence nutritional mental food (PNM) to be sharp. You are not allow to feed yourself junk why? Because only you can pull yourself out off every giving up moment.

If you feel like giving up right now don’t because I am going to share with you some reasons how to avoid those moments of giving up.

Those moments in life which are presented to you occasionally, surprisingly are there to test you. It will make you or break you. It will test you strength, persistence and valor. You will cry your eyes out. In life you will have to cry yourself to success. If you haven’t cried yet you don’t want it that bad. You might even have to cry yourself a river in order for you to swim across the island of victory. Be firm with yourself.


Life is not easy. Life will throw every curve ball towards you and your job is to dodge, get hit and walk it off. Those moments of giving up will break you down, life will beat you straight because it wants to hear from you “life is hard”. When you come across those words in your mouth you have lost. Do not complain about life. Life will always be hard, however you can change that. Changing yourself is easy. Personal change is easy you are easier to change than life. You can never change life but you can change yourself.

Know one thing. You are the only one making life difficult for you. You know what the world thinks about those giving up moments in your life? The world does not care about you and your feelings. If you are serious about changing and growing only you can do something about you. Care about yourself enough to go ahead and above those who don’t care about you. The world will only care about you when you start caring about yourself. It does not care for those who give up on themselves.

You need to get rid of a “less is enough personality”. When it comes to personal growth you must demand more out of you. You have to seek more, grow more and make your desires Big. There is no easy path for you in life. You must swim in this water world. If you can’t swim at least float but do not sink do something for yourself.

It starts with a decision. Decide today you deserve more. Demand more out of yourself everyday. Beat the hell out of that inner self that does not believe in you. I bet when you beat the hell out of your own self the other you will never bother you again. Let him be scared of you. Make it bleed because there is someone else inside of you that wants to live and feel alive. Your mission in life is to end the critic and wake up the spirit. Only a person who overcomes those giving up moments will succeed in life.

Those giving up moments will show up on your doorstep like sales man. Some are cunning, some are charismatic and will convince you to buy. What will you do? Will you have the courage to face them many times over again and say good bye to sales agent desperation, death, crying, quitting. You never give up on you. You can give up on your goal but, the one thing you never do in life is give up on yourself.

Just the other day I was coaching a young client and he tells he how much change he is going to make. He told me how much he is going to love himself. How motivated he is to go back to school and more. The problem with my client was surprising. I told him school is easy, running your own business is easy but how can you get there if you give up on yourself too easily. You do not wake up early and show up late to sessions and you want to manage your daddy’s business! The lesson here is how can you manage the outside when when you give up on simple things like waking up, going to school etc. Do not be like my client.


These are moments in life where you have to be honest with yourself. Even those little small things in life make a big change in your life. Wake up early, shower, groom yourself and love yourself. How do you expect to change in life when you cannot do simple things in life? How can you become someone successful in life if you cannot set an alarm clock.

If you are serious about succeeding in life you need to take those giving up moments seriously as they happen to you. Create an emotional plan that will snap you out from them. A plan so powerful and so effective where you want more out of life. You need to enjoy your self.

Another example, I had another client tell me he wanted to manage his Daddy’s firm one day when he cannot even organize his own life. To become someone huge or important in life you have to start managing and organizing yourself first. If you do not want to feel those giving up moments of life you have to organize yourself mentally emotionally. For disorganized minds focus on one thing only.

Guess what I told my client. In order to manage a big business and others you have to manage your own little business upstairs, “your mind”. Manage your mind first before you start blabbering about conquering the world.

“Learn this simple lesson, to change the world you must change your own.”

In this ocean of a world you will face all sorts of challenges. And the best thing going for you is learning how to swim. You could learn, float, or paddle. The point is do not allow yourself to sink in those giving up moments, do something for yourself. Get up and be the person you are scared to be.

What about if there are sharks on your path?

You have to keep swimming no matter the circumstances of the tides you’ll face in life. Lastly, the only thing contributing to a mind full of giving up moments are the quality of thoughts you have about yourself. Change them. They are your thoughts.

You’re already born and equipped to succeed in life. Even babies know how to swim without anyone telling them. So use what you have. Do it one stroke at a time. Fight for this day when ever you feel like quitting.

Do not stop swimming no matter how rough it gets. Remember there lies your treasure on that island if you make it.


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