The benefits of a therapist or life coach is to help you shift perspective in life and improve some area of your life you’re struggling with:

• They help you overcome apathy or lack of interest in life
• They help you over come helplessness
• They help you change your pessimistic mindset
• They help you stay positive when you have turned your whole life around

Now the key question here is how can you do that on your own if you can’t afford a therapist or coach?

The Triangle Mindset Changer Technique ( It’s a FREE and easiest way to improve major life problems you’re struggling with). Over the years as a clinician I help many improve the way they see life and themselves.

I share these psychological tips on mindset on my site if you want to check them out too.

The point I am trying to teach you here is improving yourself in life is all about lifestyle learning how to live, perspective or mindset. You can also develop your mindset and see how different you will see the world and yourself.

You will overcome depression, apathy, helplessness, lack of motivation and more by this simple Triangle Mindset Changer Technique many of my patients have used it and it has help them view their life situations differently and better.

There are three simple steps for using the technique.

Step 1: What is the problem
Step 2: New Perspective
Step 3: Believe the new lesson

Let’s go over each step in detail.

Step 1: What Is The Problem

Here just write down what you are struggling with in life. Perhaps you’re struggling with losing weight, getting motivated or something else. Write that down on the worksheet.

Step 2. New Perspective

Then in this part you need to convince yourself and keep trying to figure out a new perspective or a new way to see your problem.

Step 3: Believe The New Lesson

Once you come up with a brainstorm of ideas of seeing the problem the next step if you imagine how life would be like if you believed the new belief from step two.

This might seem a little broad at the moment but trust me it has work on myself on seeing problems in my life differently. It has also help my patients too.

The best thing I can help you with right now is to get more in depth how this implement techniques truly works just download the Technique and try it yourself.

Also I would like to hear your results in the comments below.

If you want to get a detail example of the technique read more by clicking here.



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