You must invent your own purpose in life. You cannot depend on the happiness of another man. You are different from everyone else and your idea of happiness, the world and yourself is going to be different and unique.

Finding meaning in your world is you being the creator and believing you are moving the pieces. If you are reading this it is because you are searching for your meaning in life too. It starts by looking within.

Start Questioning Your Purpose Now

The first step of discovering your purpose is questioning your existence. For what reason are you here and most importantly have you questioned yourself for what reason are you existing and living for? You have to invent your own life purpose. What you believe is your purpose for living is right. You HAVE to invent your own purpose in this life and overcome the fear of avoiding it.

Risk is the greatest ally for you. Overcome fear and risk and create the life of your dreams. Risk might tremble you but, that is what a life purpose is about. It gives you adrenaline and makes you feel alive. Those who overcome risk become anything in life. He jumps over into the world of inventor and creator. He moves frictional character in a fairy tale to living his life’s purpose.

He gains the liberty to invent his own purpose and meaning because he must be responsible for his own walking. You are the one to has to take charge.

Create your own path and no one else’s. Be afraid to walk your own even if you’re shuttering. Become lost in your own self.

He must choose a path that suit his needs. He cannot walk an aimless path because deep down in his heart he knows sooner or later if he wishes to live in this life he has to choose.

Getting lost in many paths is a way closer to the right one. Follow your hearts dreams even if it feel with fear and doubt. This is a sign you’re going to make it big. Tremble and keep walking. Later in life you will wish you have taken that path.

The decision is yours. You can stop the wandering whenever you like. But I rather have you choose the path that has the most liberty of expression of who you truly are. Be creative with it perhaps that is what is missing in your life.

The only thing that will separate himself from the rest is the way he feels comfortable with the path he chooses. If the path he chooses does not feel natural and free then he should realize that the path he choose is the wrong one. The only thing that will separate you from the pack is the balls to feel brave with your OWN path. If the road does not choose you, then choose it.

Let the road feel fearful at first but at the end it becomes natural, free flowing. This is when you know you are in your destiny.

There is no man who chooses a road full of pain. Finding your life’s purpose can be pain free it all depends on you.

In life, the universe will find many different ways to GIVE you what you need. You do have to put in your part too. Things, circumstances, and opportunities in life are only given to those brave enough to give life (action) to their thoughts. Do not be lazy.

Nothing in this world cannot be created with out action and most of all emotion. The most powerful thing man must do is put emotion, the big WHY behind his desire and struggle.

You have to develop your emotional fitness. Start expressing your true feelings, and desires. Get out of your mind and start feeling the world around you.

This is the way many men have created their destiny. The are driving by passion, desire and life. He is a powerful emotional being. You know what helps him complete his emotional desires? All goals in life start off with an emotion. Is this what is missing in you?

Get out of your mind and feel what emotion you need in your life? Most goals in life start with an emotion, the idea is unique and boom something inside them transforms. This is the formula. Secondly are you willing to follow your own feelings? This is your mind trap. Find a way to escape from it.

Most of the time man is in his mind. Hoping one day he will find the courage to act on his dream and pursue it feeling.

Are you really willing to set your mind apart and listen to your feelings? Truly feel the sensation of what gives you pleasure, fun and joy. These are also in your life’s purpose. Go get them.
Life is about taking yourself apart and being nude in front of it and really and I mean really pay close attention to the parts of you telling you to push yourself, take a risk and see what happens.


Next Step

1. Figure out a design of who you are going to be and start creating it.

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