The first thing about shifting your mindset is accepting who you really are. If the person who you really are does not bother you, anger you or disgust you then perhaps something inside of you still likes that part of you.

I have seen in my experience as a clinician that if you want to change something in your life first it has to cause pain and suffering and if the suffering is so intolerable then the mind tries to find solutions for it.

However, if you see yourself wanting to change but you are not it’s because you are not honest with yourself. You have to be honest with yourself and really not like what you see and then the change will happen.


Once you have achieved that level the next thing to do is make an active conscious change in your life. You REALLY have to decide consciously that you want to change and you are willing to do anything in your power to do it .

The hardest part of making a change in your way of thinking is a STRONG desire to truly change. When you are honest with yourself and combine it with desire to change and become something better in your life magic happens.

So again be honest with yourself do you want to change? If you have at least 5% doubt or resistance in you then chances are you will not change.

What helps people change usually a large amount of suffering pain and unwanted experiences. Perhaps you are one of those people that something horrible needs to happen in order to shift gears.

Be smart and do not let it get to that point.


Be what you want to be even if your thoughts are somewhere else. What do I mean by this? In order to put the above into action and watch your mindset develop and improve you need to start putting action to your new thoughts.

If you want to be optimistic in life you need to start feeling, breathing and acting optimistic even if it’s fake sooner or later your body, mind spirit and soul will start becoming congruent.

A tip of warning here: Sometimes you do have to fake it till you make it. If you have read my work I used to be super pessimistic about life and eventually started faking it that everything is okay, fine and dandy and sooner or later I said hey! Everything is fine.

Now I carry myself with a new attitude with high hopes and dreams and every time I have a set back I remind myself that I am not that pessimistic person anymore and I am learning from my own mistakes and challenges.

This was a new mindset for me too. So if you want to change in life you might have to start acting the part first before believing in. Then the believing comes after.

Tip Remove your default mindset mode

Everyone has a default thinking mode. It is the first thought that you have for almost everything in life. For example, you see a house, car, or any experience and you eventually have a certain philosophy for that.

That is what you need to detect and change right away. I usually hear this default thinking in certain people. “As a child everyone bullied me so I believe everyone is here to bully me even the people who love me”.

This sort of fallacy thinking sometimes is taken to other areas of your life and can really hurt you. This makes it difficult to change your perspective about life.

This is what you should do. Take at least a week or two to monitor your responses to life and yourself. There is usually several thinking patterns you already have and pushing them outwards. Record them down on a piece of paper and change them.
Once you address each automatic default thinking patterns you will notice a shift in life because you should have a new thinking pattern for each one.

Wel that is all I have for you today I will like to hear from you on the comments below what you think. What are you struggling with regarding changing your mindset?

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R. Ortiz

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