Enjoying life.


The problem with the unhappy man.


The unhappy man is unhappy because he does not know how to live. He cries when life is tough, and does not realize that falling off the wagon is part of learning how to live, and grow.


When man is unhappy he feels he is entitled, and deserves to be happy but does not do anything to make that change. He wants others to make him happy, and refuses to take responsibility of his own happiness and self-worth.


He is lost in life. He is a vagabond. Those who do not have purpose in life walk this earth meaning-less, no matter how much money or power you have without meaning within, you’ll feel lost. That is why he is unhappy.


Secondly, those who do not do anything for themselves fail to remind themselves how to enjoy life. They have covered their whole mind in so much darkness they forgot to see the light. Man has to learn how to live. He needs to find new habits, interact and connect with others who are enjoying life. Stop growing so blind and coveting other’s happiness when happiness is in front of him.


Moreover, happiness for him comes also from the lost of control of him self. He does not know who he is, what he wants and what he wants to become. He has tried fitting in, doing many things, and forgot to get in touch with himself.


What he needs to do is listen to his body, actions, emotions and thoughts. He needs to listen more to himself. Perhaps finding a quite place near his home and meditate about who he is. Man sometimes is so busy with the outside world that it ignore his little world in the inside. Take time to explore it. You’re more important.


Lastly, man forgets to believe in himself. It’s easier for him to believe in others but in that he removes change, responsibility of himself. It’s easier to focus on another than himself. He needs to believe in himself. The only way he will change is when he starts believing in others and use that same energy but for him self. He needs certainty in life, growth and the last person he has forgotten to recognize is himself.


Once man begins to listen to himself, connect with himself he will find meaning in life and most of all recognize himself the last person he forgot to make happy.

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