Finding your passion or motivation in life can be difficult. So, ask yourself this. How come you don’t have what you want most in life? What is stopping you?

The answer can be challenging especially if you’re a constant procrastinator (unmotivated). Sometimes it’s bad enough you abandoned goals half way through. What is even worst not starting one.

Goals don’t have to be difficult to obtain. Especially if you have an able body and breathe to spare.

This is how you’re going to turn that around. You’ll learn today how to end those feelings of inadequacy or unmotivated and finally start doing something to achieve the first steps of your goal. You deserve more.

You want to discover the motivation you lack and you’re been looking outside for it. Now that ends today. You will learn how to look inside yourself for the motivation you need in life. You have seen many succeed and now you want a piece of that pie.

Develop the motivation you need to get what you deserve.

Ready? let’s dive in.


3 Steps To Finding Your Motivation When Goal Setting

1. Listen To Your Heart

You have tried everything and nothing is working and you’re “looking” to find motivation from any source. You’re tired and frustrated I understand. The motivation you need or seek is not outside. This might surprise you. You have understood it wrong. You probably though goal setting, becoming rich or successful was about discovery?

You might be confused but don’t be. You need remember what made you happy instead of finding or discovering your goal or passion. You already tried looking for it many years and haven’t found it. Try this new trick instead.

It goes like this. Your goal or passions is inside of you. It’s not found outside of you. You were looking at the wrong place. The passion and goal you seek wants to make you feel alive, and give you a sense of meaning. I understand. This is why you have to figure out and remember what are those things that make your heart jumpy. What circumstances, hobbies, events, things in life make your heart jumpy, euphoric. That is how you get motivation to do something. That is what you’re supposed to do. Listen to what makes your heart jump.

2. Use Your Intuition

Once you figured out what makes your heart melt. The next step is to listen to your gut. Yes your intuition. You don’t listen to it more often. It’s telling you to succeed but you’re not using it. Learn to use your intuition instead of too much logic.

You have felt and believe you will succeed but find motivation heard because logically you feel you’re going to fail. Do not believe that in you. You must believe and feel what is right for you and go do it.

3. Open The Gates Of  Opportunity

You want to learn how to take the first step. You’re scared I understand. We all are. However, if you know in your gut feeling this is what you’re supposed to do in life then you have to get over it. Make the first step to spark you striving towards your goal. When you start picking up momentum you’ll see something mysteriously happen in your life.

The doors of opportunity will start opening for you and procrastination, laziness and the fear will go away. But in order to get there you must turn on the faucet. The switch.

Sometimes this is all you need. You have all the gates of opportunity, success and more closed because you haven’t made the first move. This is all it takes from you. Make the first move in your life and let the world around you do the rest.

And watch all those opportunities of life come your way.

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You will see so many opportunities come your way just by this one move. That is all it takes. Success is easy it does not take many moves. Just one simple one to get things rolling.

Last, success does not have to be difficult or mandatory but it is an important source for motivation and feeling alive. Some call it happiness other call it ambition. You decide what you want out of life. Listen and feel what you need in life. Stop looking for it else where because you know what your heart and soul needs to do.

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