Sometimes in life I wonder why am I not as successful as I supposed to be. I have gifts. I have talents, but why am I not living the dream.

Then I began to harbor thoughts about how unsuccessful I am despite all that I have accomplished in life. Then my motivation for life slows down again. Has this ever happened to you?

Then there are times when my thoughts consume me and make me feel I am not enough. But for whom or what? Perhaps these thoughts are not mind or someone else’s. But by and by I think to my self, ” Why am I not where I supposed to be?” Is there something that I missed?

Just like you I considered myself intelligent, focused, and determined but, I am not where I supposed to be. To be honest perhaps I don’t want to be there or I am not motivated enough to pursue my goal. Do I need a bigger goal? That is not the answer it is not the goal but, I figured out is the reason behind the goal.

The reason we don’t push ourselves is because we need a POWERFUL reason why. That is why I keep thinking why don’t I push myself more?

I am hungry. Just like you I am hungry in life but, do not take the necessary action to succeed. The real answer behind this is the false belief to believe I know what I am doing or I believe what I am doing will take me there. I try to make success my way and that is not the answer. We have to listen and let ourselves be guided by a master. We do not have the answer to life that is why we are not going where we want to go.

For some it is pride, arrogance, stupidity or other wrong beliefs that we believe in our world are right, but no. We are wrong. I am wrong. I must learn to put aside my pride or ego and surrender to someone or something who knows. That I am lost.

So I figured it out. To achieve success is to admit failure. Accept that we cannot do this alone and keep going. When I look around I am well off but, not at the level I dreamed. I cannot do this alone and so can’t you.

To Succeed in life we need help from another. This is the very step we need to take in order to be where we want to be. No one in this world as succeeded alone. They have received help from some form or another.

We all need help. We cannot go through this journey alone.

Not Having A Convincing Why

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] Figured out that I don’t have a big strong why. And the place I want to go requires a powerful convincing why. That is why we are stuck in life. That is why I feel that I am not progressing and going no where in life. Where did my powerful convincing why go?

What else has stopped me from reaching my goal? Is that it’s not convincing enough. Beside having a reason why we are doing things in life they have to convinced us. In this case, it has to convince me. I don’t know about you. The reason most successful people succeed in life because they are convinced that what they’re doing in life is right, powerful and strong enough to make them take action. You need these elements to survive and succeed.

What will convince us to take action? It is the meaning we attach to our goals. If reaching that goal is not convincing enough to motivate you, to inspire you then, it is not powerful enough to move you towards it. That is what I was doing wrong. I must change the meaning to my goal. If it has a powerful convincing meaning to me then it is worth doing.

I want to grow and that is a good start. Have the thought that you want to succeed and grow and that is enough. The rest will come its way.

Even if you don’t have a strong why, just having the idea that you want to make a change in your life is enough. Start there and the rest will come. Sometimes in time your strong why will come to you.

Nothing in this world falls in your lap. Figure out your strong why. The meaning behind your goal.

So, now that I know this my world will change after having a powerful reason why I want to do what I want to be in life. I have to figure my strong why. And in life sometimes you will need more than just one strong why. So, what is that strong powerful why that will push you?

I am where I deserve to be because of it. I am stuck not because of the outside world but because of me. I will progress in life with this strong why in my mind.

Remember I said you need to also have a strong meaning to your why. The meaning must also change. It has to be powerful. The meaning you attach to your goal must be bigger than you. I understand this now. Also it has to be convincing enough to make you change. Not big enough to scare you away.

What I must do and will do is find a stronger meaning that will convince me, move me and motivate me to take action.

I have to the work and I need to figure out my why. The meaning of my goal is not motivating enough. This has to be nailed onto my head. What powerful reason do you need to believe and feel about yourself to make a positive change in your life.

I bet if I had a more powerful reason to work on my goal things will changed. As of right now I have to figure stronger why.


  • What is your powerful WHY that you are looking for?
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