Why do people need a meaning in life? The answer is no. You do not need to have a

meaning in life if you feel your life is well. This mostly applies to those who are lost internally

or need guidance from above. If you are one of those people then read on.

     Begin To Wonder Begin to wander in your mind. In this world. Try looking for meaning by

getting lost within yourself. Lose yourself in your mind and explore every thought that appears

before you. Letting your mind wander is healthy. It helps you begin to see how your mind

works and to see the world from a different perspective. If you can try see your thoughts and

do not judge them. Let them wander about.

     The reason we do this is because one of those will be your purpose when you question

yourself. The reason we let our mind wander is to see the whole picture. We see all our

thoughts to see what resonates with us. Finding a purpose, a mission or a calling in life does

not come to us in a flash. It takes an effort. It takes time. For that reason we let our mind

wander about things, experiences and feelings. The best thing we can do is be patient with our

thoughts, ideas, or feelings. You will know your purpose or meaning in life when it seems to


     Pay attention. Something will get your attention. Again, it is something only you will know.

It is a sensation or feeling you are feeling for. As you wander in your mind, your thoughts at

times they might be clutter but that is good. That means your mind is searching, computing

and getting rid of all the rubbish in your head. One of those thoughts will arise as your

purpose. Keep in mind many of us make the false error of believing we have only one purpose

in life. To tell you the truth, we have more than one. Not all of us. But imagine, perhaps you

have more than one.

     Finding one’s meaning in life is a wandering task. A journey of a nomad. Many expect to

find their meaning in life by giving themselves a certain time frame. It does not work that way.

You must go through trial and error, tribulations, and certain experiences. If those

experiences are learned to advance to the next level. In other words, you’re closer to your life’s

purpose. Finding purpose takes times. Again, keep this thought in mind. You will “know”

when you come close to it. How long will it take it depends on your wish. Stronger the want

the closer one gets.

How Will You Know

    It is a feeling, an experience, or a message. It is a message only you  will understand and a

message only you will receive. Why, because you’re unique. You are here on this earth to live

certain experiences, feelings, thoughts, etc. Everyone has something to give to this universe.

This is the part where you must be vigilant. Once you start questioning  your life’s purpose you

must be vigilante because you already gave that signal to the world.

     For some who are not vigilant might pass their opportunity of knowing their purpose. But,

you know what is great about the universe. It’s mission is for you to complete your purpose. It

will do anything it needs for you to reach your goal. So, if you missed it, it will come to you

again , and again until you finally capture it.

    It will continue to seem in your life. It is one of those experiences in life that keeps repeating

or happening to you over and over again but you can’t explain. That is a clue something needs

to be learned and done. To give you clues, sometimes a life purpose can appear in a song, a

book, billboard etc. You get the idea. Your life’s purpose is everywhere talking to you. It is

communicating with you. If you are seeking a meaning in life you will get it. Pay attention to

the signals.

“If you haven’t found your life purpose. Do not worry eventually it will appear to you.

Just know that when it seems before you, you will know”.

It’s A Sensation A Feeling

     A life’s purpose will be revealed to you as a truth. Things will make sense and a truth will be

revealed about you. Yes it is about you. Something you always wanted to know about yourself

will be uncover for you. What is that you’re looking for about yourself?

     Looking for a life’s purpose is starting to question yourself. There is a reason why you want

to exist because you are looking to feel something greater. Again, you don’t need a life purpose

or look forward to having a meaning in life but, it feels wonderful to be you and satisfied. In

     Summary is having a meaning in life important it depends to you. Question yourself if you

want to find purpose. There is a reason why


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