We need love. We cannot live without it or we will perish emotionally. But despite its necessity we are too afraid, too anxious to go after it. We’re afraid to open ourselves to others because we have been hurt before. That is why we became defensive and lonely. We protect ourselves and avoid any sort of emotional contact from anyone who gets to close to us.

We find it difficult permitting ourselves to bond or connect with others. We know we want to connect with another human being yet we are too scared of being hurt or the pain it brings. It reminds us of a previous torment or suffering another has caused when we let ourselves open up and confide totally to another. Because of this, we escape from love despite, we need it in our lives.

We hide. We have this tendency when we live the world defending ourselves all the time. We have trouble confiding in another especially when we been hurt by someone close, intimately. We been deceived betrayed by that person we trusted our soul to. This is why we talk on this world feeling lonely, searching and we have learned not to trust and love another.


What does happen when we love? It becomes superficial we look for multiple partners and filling empty still. When we are with someone we feel shallow, the relationship seems unreal and sad. We find relationships where we don’t feel safe to open up and share ourselves with another. A pathetic relationship filled with hopeless melancholic love. This is why we don’t let others become part of our world our reality,

For this we seclude ourselves from the rest, concealing and avoiding any sort of emotional contact that is unreal. We keep looking for love and convince ourselves the world is not a safe place to cherish and believe in love again. We get lonelier.

Are we domed to never find love?

Be that as it may, we do not want to live alone in this world. We are mindful that we cannot live without affection or someone or something. We have to change and look for affection when we’re ready to open our vulnerable selves again. It’s a risk worth doing. We have to be vulnerable some times in order to find love.

Perhaps we do know what we have to do. We have to surrender ourselves to someone. We have to bee seen, understood and love unconditionally at our own level. We are willing to be vulnerable and allow to love again when we are in the same tune, symphony. What we are really looking for is someone who will comprehend us and surrender itself to us as we are willing to do the same.

Love Me Completely But Don’t Hurt Me

We are willing to give ourselves to another if the other is willing to accept us unconditionally without causing hurt. We need to feel exceptional and we must not be shared with anyone else. We don’t want to share our intimate selves with anyone else. We need to feel one of a kind, stand out in other words. We need to feel unique, the “one”. But we are not in this type of relationship because we don’t open us. We hide internally in our own world defending ourselves all the time from others. In a frantic sad battle, we struggle with our unhappiness to find the “one” that is deserving of our love without realizing that the affection that we seek is directly before us, right in front of our eyes, it can be anyone. But we decide to live in our own defensive world filled with sadness because we don’t allow ourselves to trust any more.

“The self has to learn to trust once more”.

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