Nothing is ordinary about you. You shouldn’t think in those terms either. You are a being with infinite power and never forget that. Do not let those thoughts convince you that you are ordinary. Ordinary people do not change the world. They only become a part of creating it for those not ordinary.

Non ordinary people do not waste their time on thoughts that prevent them from going. Escape your mind from this sort of thinking or be trapped. Those human beings who live a meaningful life they feel and believe they are not ordinary. This how they begin to start transforming their lives. From ordinary to extraordinary takes a certain type of thinking, believing you are more than you see on the outside.

They see more than their thoughts. Their thoughts say they are ordinary but, they cant accept this. They know something inside is not ordinary in them so, they go beyond the mind. They ignore the negative critic in their heads. This is a start. What is ordinary? lifeless in animated objects. A chair, a car, a robot all those non sentient things are ordinary. I hope you are more than this.

You are not ordinary because you can create. You can create from mire thought. This is how powerful we are. We have the capacity to create emotions, sensations in others. We have the ability to receive and change other people’s thoughts. How amazing is that? This does not make you ordinary dear reader.

Getting Rid Of Ordinariness

However reader, if you are looking to get rid of that something inside you that is making you feel ordinary or plain there are some tips I can share with you. Start with finding experiences that will excite you and make you feel alive. Most people who feel that they are living mundane lives is because they need adrenaline or excitement in their lives.

Go outside and take risks in life. Feel alive by doing things out of the ordinary and put yourself in experiences where you will question if you are alive. Moreover, make yourself feel special. Look for experiences that will revive or fuel that part of you that has burned out or died.

Do you really want to feel special reader? create something that no one else has done before. Create something from your mind that no one can produce. Think hard and once you have found it, there in that moment you can give yourself permission to separate yourself from the average man. You have become something unique, original. Isn’t that what you were looking for? Feeling special: important

You are not ordinary reader. I don’t know who has convinced you otherwise. When you truly open your eyes you will realize there is no one in the world like you. You are unique as you are with your thoughts, beliefs and looks. You just need to learn how to embrace that thought in you. Not even twins who are identical feel ordinary, they feel separate entities in them and they embrace that difference in themselves. Your difference is meaningful, wish you can see it then feel it.

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