What if you don’t feel or have ambition in life? Even if you have ambition or not in your life. Ambition forces itself onto others without their permission.

Ambition is born in man due to life’s circumstances. In other words, life creates due events to create the ambition man needs to succeed.

Many tales are said, ambition will make you or break you. This is true and pay close attention to his saying.

Why This is a Problem

Because ambition is not something you can develop or pick up at a store. Life has to do it’s magic to move you. Without Life ambition would not exist. You need ambition in your life to become who what your truly are.

For those in search of ambition do not worry. Ambition is given to those who ask for it. Ambition is given to those who seek self improvement or self development. Ambition cannot exist without the help of life.

Life plays an important role in creating ambition in a timid heart. Life has no mercy for the weak. Life will change you with or without your permission. Life always win.

When you’re in search of ambition in life, life will create a world of events to create for you, in you. You must just wait.

What To Do About It

Ambition therefore is not born within but created by circumstance. It’s size is relative to how Inspired or moved a certain event creates in you. Life will mold people to inspire you.

You just have to ask.

If life witnesses your lack of ambition in life it will throw at you even a life or death situation as wake up call.

People are not born ambitious they are forced to be ambitious. That small boy who wishes to become a millionaire and help others had to go through the ordeal of poverty and struggle so he can become ambitious.

Other’s life will throw at them low paying jobs to wake In him the ambition of success. Life is not cruel when you ask for ambition. On the contrary it will prepare you for more.

Everything you are going through or have gone through in life is to mold you into that same destination, success. Life has no intention of ruining you. It gives you what it has because it does not know right from wrong.

All life knows is to create events to get you there. If life knew right from wrong It would lay a golden yellow brick road for you.

Life is as so. Life for the ambitious individual will be tested. You will be tested on persistence, consistency and perseverance.

Life develops these “events” to build character in you. You need a strong character to be ambitious. There are no cowardly heroes in this world. If you want this really bad it will make you fight for it, ambition.

Ask for ambition in your life and watch and observe how life will feed you the right ingredients to build ambition in you.

Mistakes To Avoid

Ambition is taken away from those who judge their circumstances as negative events instead of circumstance to grow. Never end your desire to be ambitious or it will be take away from you.

Now that we know what causes ambition I want to hear from you. What life circumstances have taught you to be ambitious in life?

Write them on the comments below and share your story perhaps there are similar circumstances that push a person to become ambitious not by accident but by force.

We are forced to be ambitious.

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Ricardo Ortiz

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