Stop looking for the solution on the outside. You’ll never get it.

Inspired men look within. Start there.


The answer to struggle is in the inside. Look deep within you’ll find it and once you unlock it a new world will appear.


By unlocking this new emerging self from within you’ll open your eyes to new opportunities, growth and most of all success.


Only your true self will get you there and he will rain down hell once you unleash it. In a good way of course. So do not hold back and let your true new self grow and be born.

Let Him Come Out


Your new self will show up eventually just be patient. It will help you rise to an unimaginable level you never dreamed of. This new self is full of life, happiness, success and most of all it was always in you. You always carried him in the inside. Could you believe that? Most people in the world have search the net, the world believing their successful self was in the outside, but they were wrong. It was always there inside of you.


You have always hidden him from the rest. Now it is time to show it to the world.


Give him birth. He will help you climb the highest mountain with ease, walk across dangerous rivers and sooner than you think you will see through his eyes what you can accomplish. If it is possible for him so it is possible for you. You are the same person.


Do not give up on him. Your new self is intelligent and resourceful. It has every tool in the world to help you rise. You should not worry for he has all the answers. You have the answers and trust them. Trust this new you. There is nothing to be scared of.


A reborn you will get you farther and farther in your goals. Nothing will stop you guys. He has enough energy to climb the steepest blocks of the world.


He will never stop because he carries un-limitless energy. And most of all he keeps growing, passing. He has the tenacity and strength of a million bulls. Who will stop him? No one dares to stop him.


Each step along the way he gets closer to his goal because he knows deep inside he wants to be more than he seems. He sees himself with brand new eyes that only he can believe. You must see what he sees beyond your limits.


Each day that goes by he is slowly transforming himself into his desires. He is gaining momentum and accomplishing every goal his mind solely agrees.


Don’t you want to be this man? He is full of joy full of life: be this man! Transform yourself into the being you always wanted to be and do not let any one stop you.


You will always rise to the top. Once you become him. You are not an average Joe. He is not your average person. The only difference between you two is he believes he deserves more. You must believe you also deserve more, you do. You both do.


Do you think anything is stopping him? No! He has moved rocks and boulders to get where he is and he has the callous and scratches to prove it. He has climb the very worst and he is still climbing. Respawning into something new, something stronger, something unique that will get him where he belongs.


There is no enemy this man has every faced and came out victorious. Even in his downs he has managed to get up, walked it off and limp back to success. He is not a perfect man, so aren’t you. He did not make excuses if his foot hurt or his hands toil. He bear the pain enough to go through.


Start climbing!


Even when you see the mountain dark and muddy get dirty. Get to the top now! Do not waste your time waiting for someone to help you. Success comes to those who walk through the dark. If it was easy there would be light for all.


Even the blind succeed. You can see. Pick up the strength you need to get you where you need to lift.


Darkness falls in all of us. When you sense it just keep searching. Let your feelings guide you. Have a clear picture in your head and be it’s light.


There is nothing stopping you from becoming what you want to become. Overcome your own mountain. It’s yours and you’ll make it to the top and show the world a new you.


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