End procrastination today. This is how.

You start choosing goals in life when you have lost the will to live. You start choosing goals when you question your significance and sense of self-meaning in the world. When you have lost sight of direction and feel that life has not meaning there in that moment you start waking up and choosing goals.

Tips To Choosing Goals And Stopping Procrastination


Choose a goal that dignifies your identity. A goal in all it’s splendor that embodies, engulfs you and is you. Goals are mean’t to be our offspring. They must carry our genetic makeup. Anyone that lays eyes on your goal should right away without hesitation must say “Yes, that is you”. Goals of that caliber you must make.

They completely describe you. Your goal should be the epitome of you. Your essence.


Choose a goal that is an expression of your feelings. If you consider yourself to be spontaneous, free, virtuous of any sort. Then pick a goal that is an exact expression or projection of your true intentions. Goals should be choosen by your true nature. I have not seen anyone choose a goal to make them feel discomfort and want to share it with the world with a smile.

A goal should embody the elemental emotions of your being. For instance, if you are motivational and inspiring, then your goal should also have those qualities in it. When I pick up your service or product it should embark and wake in me you. What qualities do you have in you that you can build in your goal, service or product.

Remember your goal must be you.


Choose a goal you have a connection with intimately. Your goal should rise passion in you. You should be able to connect with it at an emotional level. In a way it’s like falling in love with it. Have you seen those people how passionate and loving they are with their dream jobs, service or products. It’s lunacy. But it works. It motivates them to work on their goal and make it happen.

So, if you catch your self absent of these chemical feelings when you’re in pursue of a goal then depart because it is not through there. No matter how much you force yourself to a goal if you don’t feel the connection you won’t achieve it.

Have you tried falling in love with someone you hate? Of course not.

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Choose a goal that makes you feel significance. Pick a goal that makes you feel important in life. Not just to others but most importantly yourself. Pick a goal that you will be proud of yourself and esteem yourself as a king.

Do not be ashamed of desiring recognition or importance. These attributes also become a catalyst of motivation. Most do not pursue their goal because they fear desiring recognition as negative. There is not wrong if you want to become great or famous. It is all about growth.

If you have a strong desire of making a splash in the world that sort of thinking is not bad. Start with droplets in the vast abyss of the sea. Start anywhere, anytime.


Choose a goal you know will make you happy when arriving. You don’t know how many people I have worked with in my practice who have accomplished many goals in life, have everything except emotional happiness. Do not be this sort of person. Set a goal you know yourself will make you happy. Do it for the right things in life. It’s sad to see you achieve a goal and not be happy. You’ll be just repeating the cycle of unhappiness but at a different economical , spiritual, emotional bracket.

Ever heard of being broke but a different economical bracket?


Your goal should have a spiritual component to it. Spirituality is the one thing most people forget. I am not referring to God or religion but a spiritual feeling. I am telling you to feel what cannot be seen but felt. Trust me on this, develop it and combine it with your goal. When spirituality and your goal become one with you, well I do not want to spoil it away find out yourself.

Your homework is to educate yourself with spirituality as soon as possible.


Final tip to choosing goals. Be a visionary. your goal should be visionary. It should impact the world and most importantly you. It should be a goal you are proud of achieving, creating and maintaining. It should be a goal you are proud of living the next years to come.

The very last thing you must do is share your goal or gift with the world. This is the most beautiful thing you can do with another. Just like you made your life better make everyone else life better, of course with the minor details of them allowing themselves to.

There you have it for your delicacy. How to choose goals consist of many strengths you must develop in your psychology’s. We covered those strengths are identity, feelings, connection, significance, happiness and visionary are strong tools to choosing goals.

How do you choose your goals?

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