What motivates the individual to take maximum action for something?

The first thing you must do is take care of your mind. You do this by the following. Never feed your mind to put aside your dreams. You cannot and I repeat never, never let yourself put aside your hopes and dreams no matter what. Be careful what you feed your mind.

This is the psychology you need.

You must believe seriously that there is no excuse in the world big enough to destroy your dreams.

There are many things going inside your mind telling you to take maximum action and you might find more thoughts in that same pool of ideas also telling you not to do anything. Isn’t that crazy? Honestly ask yourself what are you willing to do for your goals? Again, achieving and taking action in life is all about psychology.

“The best psychology earns the best results.”

Perhaps this might work for you. Start treating your goal or task at hand as if it were a person. You treat and invest time in yourself right? Why not do the same for your goals?
Get to know your goals from the inside out. And find ways to win it’s heart.

“The first initial step to goal attainment is winning your own heart. Win your heart and you’ll convince yourself you deserve greatness.”

Moving along achieving success is all about your perspective. Treat your goals how you treat yourself with nice things and respect and see the changes in your life. Goals are like feeding and taking care of another human. Either you feed them or let them die.


Here are the psychology programs you must have in your mind to get back on the right track with your goals, dreams, or productivity.

Pain Is The Number 1 Self-Motivator

Remember the question we are answering here is what motivates an individual to take action for something?

The best tool that will motivate you to success is pain. When you are in so much pain in life and feel that you cannot get out of it. Or better yet, when you know you need to get out of your pain there is when you’ll be successful.

Desperation will kick in and will make you do something either you like it or not. But desperation with pain makes a person move. When you are in HIGH desperate states in your life your survival instincts will motivate you to change and take action.

Now the question here is would it move me to the right direction or wrong direction? We don’t know. But for sure it will move you from that state. However, if it does move you into the right direction there in that moment you will take maximum action.

“People take the most action when they are in desperate states.”

Now this is where psychology comes in. Think about it. Do you want to wait for something desperately to happen to you or start making the change now. Because feeling desperate and in pain is not a good state to be. Don’t let this happen to you before it’s to late.

Another known “fact” is the following. To start moving in life you must come across a certain threshold of emotional unbearable pain. When one cannot handle it anymore you’ll start moving quickly. I guarantee it.

What propels someone to move then?

It all depends on their pain tolerance meter. Many who have high tolerance for pain do not move and rather stay in their uncomfortable states. For those like you and I, we have small tolerance for pain and we do something about it.

This is the psychology that you need. For instance, there are some people who feel empty inside and seek adventure, some hate their boss and create their business. Those are the people who have low tolerance for pain. Become low tolerant to pain and mediocre and watch yourself change.

The reason you’re not moving towards your goals is because your pain meter is wrong. Perhaps it needs calibrating. Your pain meter should only tolerate so much and have it at the lowest setting possible. Do not put enough with pain. You do not deserve that. No way in hell.

Notice successful people how high maintenance they are. This could be a good thing. They have change their life because something in their lives they were comfortable, had low pain tolerance for it and boom! They did something about it.

They move to change things for the better.

The question is what experience are you waiting for to finally make your moves? Why wait for that moment when you can change now?

When pain becomes so unbearable miracles happen.

Boredom Motivates People To Do Action

Besides pain, boredom in life is another indicator you must change your life. Procrastination or loafing around feeds off boredom. It kills dreams.

Nevertheless, boredom is a clear example there is something wrong in your life. When you notice boredom with life, work, relationships and most of all your goals, start doing something about it. Start moving!

Start by replacing boredom with productivity with creativity. When you are not productive in life your heart dies slowly. The psychology needed here is making death unacceptable and give meaning to yourself. Growth is happiness.

If you find yourself at any moment of your life, knock knock it’s a wake up call to change and so something about it. Or better yet start moving towards your goal. Have a goal in life. Be useful.

Start putting your creativity to work. Do not tell me that bull-shot that you are not creative. Everyone is born with it, others have just developed it better than others. To tell you the true. Most “lazy” people are highly intelligent creative people. They are always the ones finding shortcuts to do things better.

Start exercising your mind to use it’s full potential and watch it come up with creative new ideas to help you do your work.

Changing Perspectives

Remember I said it’s all psychology when it comes to motivation to do something. You have to make this small change in your mind too. Boredom is a dream killer. Remember this. In boredom lies death, emptiness and comfort zones. We do not want that, right?

Start associating boredom with something helpful that will help you take action. For instance, when I get bored I tell myself “I stopped learning” and quickly find something to learn or do. You must do the same. The key here is to keep being productive even if its something useless. Do not stop. Just don’t stop this is where procrastination lives and gets you.

And another thing. Remember motivation is physical labor if you truly want to start taking action towards your goals it’s all a mental mind’s game. Motivation dies but the mind is always active and alive. Let the man upstairs take a rest and he dies. Keep the man upstairs active and the rest will follow.


Overcome Being Tired All The Time

Another obstacle many face is tiredness. Many complain and find themselves not doing anything to grow in life. Let’s change that around.

You must think of tiredness as a signal that you’re growing.

Let’s look at that statement above a little further.

Tiredness is an indicator of a job well done. It’s a way to tell your body you are working. Many feel they had a great workout at the gym, for example when they feel exhausted. This is where perspective comes in. Being tired is not a sign of weakness it’s a sign you’re working towards something. It’s progress. By thinking this way you trick your mind to not give up on your self or goal.

By putting all the excuses aside and motivating yourself to riches, success and happiness. You will learn to work even when you’re tired. In those places you’ll see true success. And your body will thank you for it and not give up on you. However, if you need some time off it’s okay just keep going buddy.

Tiredness is key to growth and success and you have to believe this.

You must have certain beliefs to be successful. The best one you can take away from this article is procrastination kills, finding motivation to do something is all about not quitting, stopping and moving forward.

What do you think? I would like to hear your thoughts.


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  1. I really never thought about the tiredness factor as something being positive. But it is true that sleep is sweeter after a long hard of work versus sitting around not doing anything. Tiredness equals progress. I like that!

    And I completely agree, everyone is creative at something. My kids are extremely creative at finding ways to avoid going to bed on time and getting out of their chores (it doesn’t work, but it can be funny to see!). Thanks for sharing

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