Man. The head-shaker.

By what do I mean by that? There are men in this world who want the good life but do not follow good advice. They ignore it, or feign to understand it, or pretend to accept it. He is the head-shaker. The one you see hearing the words, and all he does is shake his head “yes, yes”. To others he deceives them in believing he is accepting and listening to their advice, but deep down inside he just shakes his head so no one would bother him. He is a bobble-head, saying yes to everything but not taking a sort of action.

They are men who want the good life, growth or have the desire to enrich their lives, but all they do is shake their head as if they understood, as if they know but the good life is not giving to them because they do not accept true words from another. He understands the concept of living a good life but he does not heed to advice. He just shakes his head to the good life, but the good life lies in hearing those who live it.

That is the problem with a man who fails. He just shakes his head in yes movements, but he knows he just does not want to listen to advice. He is deaf.

Once man learns to really listen to those who live a good life instead of shaking his head he will learn to live life. He will learn to become a better person, grow and one day teach. Those who shake their heads in their whole entire life are those who never are happy. I bet after this you will not shake your head anymore but pay attention, learn something.

Anyone can help man; but first he must permit it.

Living the good life, or living well consist of being helped by others. You cannot do it alone, it’s hard enough for man to strive in a world of chaos and come out victorious. Anyone that has been anyone in this world will say they couldn’t have done it without the help of someone else. It takes two heads to accomplish a goal in this time of age.

It’s surprising for me to see how man refuses help. How many people especially those that love him try to help him but he refuses. He believes no one will understand him, or cannot identify with him because he is different. He that does not grow in life become a man that discriminates, becomes picky about those who can help him. Be is blind to see that many want to help the man, but he does not want to be help for certain idiotic reasons.

What some men cannot see is it does not matter what age, gender or sexuality it is, if he’s deep down in a shit hole he has not time to be picky. Anyone can help him overcome his obstacles in life, and keep going forward but he finds some flaw in another that at times it’s the same flaw he has but wants to do it alone.

He does not see that succeeding in life he cannot do it alone anymore. He must let anyone that is anyone to help him get there. If he puts aside his prejudices he can get ahead in life. He can learn from a baby, an adolescent, an adult, an animal. Everything that surrounds man is there to help him learn and succeed. Everything that sourrounds man is there to him move forward, but he is to choosy about who can help him.

Sometimes the biggest opportunities of growth rely on the unexpected or on those people he believes will least help him. He does not realize that anyone can help him.


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