Our life’s purpose is right in front us more times that’s you might think. Then again, we are here because we want to find our life’s purpose and it hasn’t been easy. As we struggle to find it how come we have been looking at the wrong place?
Why are we unhappy, unfulfilled etc. How come others have found their purpose and we haven’t?

I will tell you why. First we must start by questioning our existence. That is rule number one. Second we make things more complicated than they should.
Self discovery does not have to be a complicated task. Many men have done it but why haven’t we? Those men have found it because they felt it.


Self discovery is an experiential process. A path we must feel instead of think.
When we have “found” we will know. We will feel the path is right.


It is a sensation we get when we do things and certainty feels our heart. We feel it is right, pure and once inside of us living we don’t want to let it go. Purpose is a living thing.


In that same journey our life’s purpose is right for us. It is a true real pleasure. In that path life feels alive and wonderful. In a way if we experience it is beyond happiness. Sometimes without words.


What feels amazing about that path is the non existence of doubt or fear in it. In life we have doubts and fears about things and move one.
However, when we come face to face with our true purpose there is no fear. There is not doubt. We just know.


It breathes into us a sense of clarity. We move in and out of it fluidly. We are loose, natural, flexible and intertwined inside and out without distortion.


Our true path allows us to remold and be it over and over again. Have you felt this about something before?


In it our purpose speaks to us and shows us our true nature. It speaks to us because, it is us. It speaks our own language. We are mind, body and soul with it.


In the real world we are not as so with any other thing. Only that very thing. Do you know what gives you this feeling?


When we experience our life’s purpose and put it into action we are moved by it emotionally. Our mind shuts down and we move in it. It feels us. We dive into it with all our soul.


It a way it feels us because it embraces us. It does not reject us and it loves us.


We are so full of our gift and purpose we can give it away without guilt or scarcity. We connect with our true purpose all the time. When constantly think about it everyday and hurts us when we are not living it.


When we living it we can do of it many times. We are unlimited with it because we are it.


Has that ever happened to you?


It allows us to be that because it is our destiny to express it and share it with the world. It is not selfish but we are.


How do we know it is our true purpose ? When we fuse in it and feels alive in us. It is a gift that just like a jigsaw puzzle it fits perfectly.


You know what is amazing about our life’s purpose. It is waiting for us to embrace us with it’s heart. Are you?

Recognizing Your Purpose

Our life’s purpose when revealed to us you’ll know because it will resonate inside of you. It will moves us like waves inside: frequencies. As we tuned to the right frequency a sensation in our body let’s us know that is us.


When we listen to that particular sensation in our body we know it is the thing we supposed to be doing. What is stopping us?


We sometimes feel that sensation when we are swimming, gardening, expressing love, compassion, arts and crafts. Could this be our purpose? Yes.


Sometimes it is our purpose but, despite feeling it; Our mind convinces us that it is not. We are too afraid to accept ourselves for who we really are. We let our mind rule over instead of feeling.


When this happens we go through our every day life activities feeling empty inside. Why do we pay more attention to logic over ourselves?


However, if we can overcome this circumstance we can gain love again.


Self Revelation

What is beautiful about the universe is that it allows us to experience ourselves for who we really are as much as we want. It is just a matter if we are brave enough to live our purpose.

Life is not meant to destroy us. Once we start seeking our personal journey in the world we learn to stop suffering. We are place on this earth to seek the highest joy of our true form and selves.


Our true calling is not outside of us but inner discovery. We make the wrong move by looking aimlessly outside when the answer to our journey is inner purpose.

Challenge Question :

1. When will you decide to express who you really are to the yourself, others and the world?

Photo Credit: nikolaidesigns.com Flickr via Compfight cc

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