Be ready for this kind of weather.

Life is weather.

Life and weather are unpredictable, but preparing yourself will help you succeed in the end. As you face cold days, hot days or snow; But all of these should not stop you from becoming the person you have to be.

You have to become an unstoppable human being that weather will be scared of you. Yes, there are cold-chilling days but that is no excuse to stay in the house and not work on your dream. What are worst are snow days, you might walk across a snowy plain to get what you need there shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind. You don’t have room for doubt, you’re unstoppable and the only thing stopping you are your own thoughts. Do not let weather be one of them.

Weather is unpredictable.

You may come across muddy days. But as you set yourself to face life struggles you’ll come across that it’s okay to get a bit messy or get your sight a bit blurry. As you wipe away the mud from your eyes you’ll reborn yourself and see with new eyes. You’ll start realizing how muddy moments in your life are worth living because it will taint what is unimportant from view and only let you see what is important. As that day approaches do not frighten yourself, but welcome it with open arms because it’s telling you where to see.

There’s going to be days when rain will get you wet and use your hands to wipe the tears for your eyes to see. A little rain doesn’t hurt anybody especially you. Rain is just a reminder of the pain coming from the sky letting you know that growing is painful. Changing is painful.

What is painful for the sky are dark days because it reminds him that life is not always sunshine. As you approach those days where everything seems to be hopeless, you have to find light. Take those nights for reflection and think what you have done to make light again.

The best light there is the sun. The sun is warm and cozy: protective.

This is what you’re striving for at the end of the road, if you have survived all sorts of bad weather in your life and have come out victorious; the sun will reward you with it’s warmth. Feel it’s blazing rays on your face and let life smile at you because it knows you’re a person who overcame rain, hot, or snow. To him you’re marvelous for fighting through those struggles. Savor it for you have earned it.

“The sun is only given to those who are ready to go through unpredictable weather; the great thing about the sun though is it will always save a spot reserved for you.”

Life are like seasons too…



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