How do I know I am not being true to myself? Number one when you are unhappy. How much of a clear answer do you need?

When you are unhappy day in and day out this is a sign that is something is wrong with you or with your life. When you make up miserable every morning knowing you should be living a different life, but you’re scared to do anything about it. You are afraid. You’re miserable with yourself, angry at yourself. Letting time pass by and you’re angry that you’re nit doing anything about changing your situation. Angry because you don’t follow-up on you.

Personal development is about you. Developing yourself as best as possible. Work on yourself so, you can live the life you always dreamed of. You are afraid of taking opportunity, you are not improving but, tolerating. This is not life for you. There is a part of yourself that needs to wake up.

Signs You Are Not You

Do you want to know when you’re not being true to yourself? When you feel immobilized with yourself. You are stuck. You cannot move and you feel limited. Even catching your own breath is hard. What are you doing with yourself? Why don’t you get out? You are the only one who can get out of your own funk. No one else is going to do it for you. When are you going to be true to yourself and breathe.

You feel disgusted with yourself, uncomfortable with you. Being me is intolerable. The pain is so strong. You become angry with yourself because you aren’t lifting a finger to change your situation. This is where you are really being untruthful to yourself. How long can you keep this up? How can you let this go on for so long? Have you just given up on yourself or do you really just don’t care? There is a point in life you have given up on yourself and I am not referring to life. I am referring to you. You have given up on you, yourself. What is it that has made you feel so stale about yourself that you have let everything else rot around you?

But you can change this if you wish. We start by asking ourselves how willing am I to change. Am I willing to keep this lie up or be my true self? I am starting to think that you are afraid of being who you really are. The thought of it scares you because it is something bigger than you. If that is so, is living in misery worth it?

You know living a lie is not making you happy. Break away from your lie. Look at yourself in the mirror and start living the truth. Live who you are. Break away from that mask that does not allow you to see clearly. How tiring is it for you to carry a mask?

Pound your fist against your chest and feel that pain. You are alive you are a human being. Feeling pain constantly is not living. I do not understand why anyone would go through this knowing life has all these wonderful things you can experience.

Will it leave a deep crevice inside ones soul, perhaps. Come out of your shell and learn to live. Life is full of happy moments that need you. Life will only be kind to you when you become who you really are. How many people are left untouched and unable to enjoy you because you refuse to be who you are. Be yourself this is where the biggest joy comes from. Your happiness will spread as you become happy.

Are you afraid of your self? is not matched enough as your false self. How many have I meet in life unhappy because they rather live a lie than ever be truthful to themselves. Don’t you trust anyone? At least the person you should be honest is you. You are the only one who has to live with you forever. Aren’t you at least a bit curious what will come out of you if you live honestly.

What are you afraid of? Is Their something you don’t like about yourself and will you change it? Living lie kills any man. You don’t trust yourself is that it? What is about you that you are keeping a secret but scares you to bring out? Sometimes our biggest secrets help us unfold something about us we never thought we had. Secrets propel growth.

You are made out of many sides. There are many sides of you, that you haven’t uncovered yet. Allow yourself to see that side of you. You’ll be surprised by the many beautiful intricate complexities human beings are made of. Be shocked about a side of you unknown and see how it grows. Let that part of you expand.

Being truthful to ourselves and others makes life easier. I do not understand why anyone would live a lie. Tell a lie and live stressed about maintaining that lie. It is disgusting and I want to vomit. Make life for yourself as easy as possible. Do good things and good things will happen to you. How many of you have lived dishonestly with yourselves and are still wondering why bad things are happening to you?

You have to live a righteous life with others and especially with yourself. If you cannot control life’s circumstances at least be honest with you. Take care of yourself, feed yourself and be content and happy about seeing that person in the mirror. It is not a pleasant feeling to look at oneself in the mirror and be disgusted. It makes us turn our heads away. We begin to lose eye contact with ourselves as well because we know we are untruthful. We know we had done wrong and cannot live with ourselves anymore. Is that why we lie?

Why don’t you just choose to be honest with who you are? Even if you believe you are a loser you are still worth living. You just have to learn to believe you are here for a cause and develop a part of you that no one has like you. Each human being is born with a gift and our job is to find it and it only appears to those who are true to themselves. I challenge you to be you. Give it a try because I know you are not living your true self, potential.

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