It is crucial for us to know who we are specially when we feel stuck or in a rut. We have this question in mind because we feel there is more to life than this. We want to know what is our life destiny, our purpose in life and want to start feeling alive.

What is the meaning of living? This is a question that boggles most of us and we want an answer now.


This is why we keep searching because we want to feel alive. We believe there is something more to life than this. That is why we keep searching because we feel lost in life. We want to find meaning in our lives and we have asked ourselves the question over and over again “Who Am I?” And nothing has come out of it.

The question we have asked ourselves is “Who am I?” But it has not worked for us. It is frustrating to see that others have gotten an answered from their minds with this simple question.

I have come to terms that perhaps we are coming after that question the wrong way. How about if we change the thought or idea to “Who am I going to become?” This is a much easier question for us than “who am I?”

Who I am going to be [blank] is a much powerful question for us to answer. It is more comfortable, truthful and easier to answer. It feels more authentic for us to believe on the idea of who we will become than I am because when we say I am this or that and if we truly don’t believe it; then it frustrates us.


“I am going to be [blank] is more convincing for us. It gives us direction of where we will be going.
We must start programming our mind to “ I am going to be [that or this]. The first step we must take is know our direction. We must know where we are going in order for us to start putting in work. And if the direction we are heading is darn motivating with great pleasure we will do it.

I have witness how many people sail the ocean seas without a compass or direction of where they are going. For us is different because we are different. We are driven and hungry. We know where we are going because we feel deep down inside who we are going to be and that thought inspires us.

When we start practicing the words “I am going to be [blank]. This must inspire in our soul belief, faith, certainty and knowing. It must convince us to a point that the direction we are going we will become it. It is an absolute truth for us. We say we are going to be this and that because we know it is going to be true that is why we practice it.

When we hear ourselves say “I will become [blank]” we mean it and own it. We are not afraid of telling ourselves and the world who we will become because we know it will soon.

We say these words because deep down in our struggling soul we know it is coming. We believe our thought or idea will exist. We believe in our own thought becoming. We know we are going to be who we are going to be because it will EXIST. It is a promise we do with ourselves.

You know one thing that helps us pursue our life purpose none stop is knowing the pain and suffering will finally cease. That is one powerful reason why we are working towards it. It motivates us day after day because we know one day we will have that life we always dreamed of. That picture of what we will become will give us pleasure.

It gives us confidence. Knowing with certainty who we will become keeps the dream alive in our minds. When we are certain of who we will become there is nothing stopping us from becoming that. I guess the key to becoming who we know we will become is keeping the thought alive in our head every day.

That is it, practice it and mediate it.

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