[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he only way we will grow in life is by getting uncomfortable. That feeling that there is nothing we can do is untrue.

We will take action by getting uncomfortable with our emotions. This is the only thing that will propel us to get what we want in life. We will do our best to move towards through inspiration.

We must focus on high emotional states to get where we want. That is how we build courage to move forward.

That inner voice. We must start listening to it more closely. Usually it tells us what we must do. And in that voice we get our inspiration. Listen to it. That is our power voice. Uncomfortable yes, useful very. This voice is a part of ourselves. It is us. It whispers to us and pay close attention to it. It wants to tell us something.

Part of taking action in life lies on how carefully we let ourselves be guided by those words whispered to our ears. They are from us to us. Sometimes we might feel afraid.

But, we will stay calm because everything will be alright. Sometimes in life the only thing to trust is our very own voice.

Trust in that voice. Welcome it with an open heart. Allow yourself to feel and breath.


And to get where we want to go we must have an IDEA of us. It starts by saying to ourselves that everything is going to be alright. My idea of myself is fine. If you are thinking about your purpose start there.

Inside your mind create a purpose an idea, a thought, an emotion. Our life will turn out fine just by thinking about having a purpose. There is no complicated science to it. It starts by having a thought in our head of us.

Just let life take care of the rest. Do not worry how or when your purpose will arrive. They arrive on their own. It only takes our mind to think about it. Circumstances and life will take care of the rest.

What is beautiful about this is it will come true. What we wish with an open heart will manifest itself. All we have to do is open our hearts to it: believe

It will come to us.

We are not going to dwell in meaningless thoughts, that is not helpful. We will let our minds wonder freely in the world without pressure. Our purpose will stay alive in our heads. With that is enough.

We open our hearts to life. Our mission is to discover who we are and more. What we want out of life we do not know, but just by having a thought in our head is sufficient enough to move us forward


  • Start thinking about what you would like your purpose to be and let the world do the rest.
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