As the client becomes closer to it’s true self that is when changes happens.

Well, hello there I didn’t know you were there and reading this article. I would like to share with you my experience as a therapist and how it’s evolving into something magical.

What do I mean by this? Well as I keep working with clients and my personality you learn a thing or two here and there.

How the personality changes, molds itself at will. Also how my personality changes as well, (wide eye, this the part where I surprise myself and say “Really I am changing, how cute”. But it’s true, I change whether I like it or not.

One interesting thing is the personality of the person will only be at peace when it get’s closer to it’s truer self. Is truer even a word? Well, as you get closer to your true nature, true form, and become honest with your own self that is where change will occur.

That is where you will get that tingle sensation in your heart or body and say, “Yes, yes! That is me, I feel like myself”.

False Self

If you know deep down that you are an honest and honorable person but you’re doing these crazy, dishonest acts against yourself or society there will be a part of you that will be uncomfortable being yourself.

You began to realize that, that is not you. You’re uncomfortable, unhappy, troubled inside, and won’t get anywhere. As you get closer to realizing this about yourself that is where you will start changing.

What I am saying here is that we have to create an awareness of this unhappiness in ourselves. Our personality is not happy, we are not happy and we have to mold and change.

How? Well start being honest with your self, duh!

So what I am learning about my experience as a therapist is that I can offer myself happiness and peaceful-hood in me. Is peaceful-hood even a word? I can get there if I become true to myself, my true personality and let it shine.

There are things about me that I won’t express or do not want to express, but If I allow myself to express who I truly am without feeling embarrassed or ashamed then I will be at peace. I guess I need to start living a sincere life.

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