addtext_minion [dropcap]P[/dropcap]eople who are happy in this world have one thing that drives them to their focus, that’s hope. They are hopeful in most aspects of their lives especially when they are in search of happiness.

Hopeful people when they are in search of happiness do not hide from the world. They are laser focus and find any means necessary to get what they want. They are open to new opportunities that will welcome happiness. They search for it because they believe it gives them strength, power and the most important ingredient of all love.

Stop Hiding

Hopeful people in search of happiness face their demons. They know what is haunting their minds and they face it straight on. One thing that helps them fight their demons is habit. They have a habit of trying over and over again until it disappears from their reality. It gives them a sense of power. They believe by trying to get rid of their problems that are preventing them happiness they feel in charge.

The feeling of being in power or in charge brings their self-esteem high. Another belief that creates for them is taking responsibility for their own happiness. They are conscious enough to know that they are the ones to blame for their misfortune and take immediate action in changing it. In other words, they do not blame outside factors for their unhappiness.

Gaining Happiness From Not Hiding

Hopeful happy people know that their unhappiness will follow them from place to place if they don’t change. They’re consciously aware that running away from your problems will still remain inside of them. It’s not their environment that makes them unhappy it’s their attitude and interpretation of their lives. You can go to China or Russia to avoid your problems but if they are emotional internal problems that haven’t been resolved they will follow you where you go.

There is one solution that they take when reaching happiness. They confront their problems in an environment where they will win. They play in an arena where they make their own rules. You have to make your own rules of the game in order to gain happiness. When you are playing by another’s rules you lose. Happy hopeful people create realities or worlds where they will always win and maintain themselves happy. They have control of their emotional states. They won’t let unhappiness control them or their lives.

How do you maintain happiness and hope?

You have to become hopeful about your happiness and you do this by not cowering away from your problems. You must face them, create your own rules and become responsible of your own reality.

Happy hopeful people also achieve happiness when they give service to others. It makes them feel useful, significant and brings their self-esteem high. By feeling significant you maintain your happiness through your time. What should you do? Give service, feel significant and you’ll maintain your hopeful happiness.


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