How to enjoy life…

Living a happy life is knowing how to live; Learning to get up every time we fall down the wagon, and understand that’s part of life, so we must keep rolling. Learning how to live sometimes lies in the hands of another, when we’re lost in life, let’s let another help us.

Let yourself be in the hands of another. When lost in life, another can teach us how to live, or how to feel alive. Sometimes we forget, and need another to remind us how much we felt alive when another pin points the road.

How to Live Again

Enjoying life again; feeling alive. Enjoying life consist of becoming better person in life, it consist of putting our mind, actions, habits in the hands of another who is willing to guide us through when we are unable to be our own teacher.

We must learn to deal with our character defects the right way. We must learn how to identify them in ourselves, and the best way is letting another point them out for us. We are to blind to see them our selves.

As we go about in life we must learn to listen. And what better way to learn to listen to your self. Some times we forget to listen to our selves, what we like, dislike, and etc.

After we mastered listening to our selves, we allow our selves to be taught by another. We heed to their advice, counsel, and keep learning from them, because we want to grow. As we develop these new habits of life we give our selves the opportunity of growth: to believe in another’s advice is treasure.

Those who live better joyful lives know they cannot do it alone, so they do not lead by pride. They know they cannot do it alone, and find it easier to let another be their teachers. When times get tough for them, they are easily able to seek another without feeling inferior.

Secondly, enjoying life consist of letting others have reason. When you know you’re wrong you must let another correct you. Learn to understand this, and accept it with full course. This will free us from feeling anger, or resentment in life.

We must believe in others when we can’t believe in our selves. You have to learn how to believe in others. As we learn to believe in others we feel secure with ourselves, certain and safe to keep growing by being under their scrutiny. We feel comfortable growing under their roof and eventually recognize we must grow on our own soon. We can enjoy life by easily accepting and trusting another, but we must first believe in them even if we thought their methods.

You can be a happy person who can enjoy life, but you have to be less defensive, and angry at life. The true reason is stop being angry at yourself, and do something to change it now.

As you put away that anger, you’ll allow yourself to open more doors for you, more relationships, opportunities for growth. Connect with others emotionally, that is what we need: contact. Stop closing your self and hiding from the world emotionally, open up, trust, love and let your self come out to the open. Hiding all your life will not give you happiness, only you can provide that for your self.

Believe in people when you cannot believe in your self, let them teach you how to enjoy life, but allow your self the opportunity to taste life for once. It’s a slow process.













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