You can become the best version of yourself in a negative world and to get there you must know how to to overcome criticism and judgement in this negative world.

Read further on how to develop a growth mindset you deserve because you’re someone special with dreams.

Ignore Criticism


It’s okay to hear criticism in your life from time to time. There will be many in your life that will not believe in you and all the negative comments of life, society and even closest friends can bring you down.

Do not worry. Life is supposed to be like this. Do not let negative words bring your spirit down. This is a time for you to figure out what you’re really made off. You can do this.

Imagine the possibilities. If you can overcome such harsh negative criticism imagine the possibilities you will accomplish in life. Criticism are just words that should enter your ear and go out the other.

You must never let negative words harm you for they are not physical entities. Do not let words idle inside your head. You have bigger things to focus and think about.

Do not let a negative thought grow itself in your head and do not nourish it.

Just let nature take care of it. Do not feed on negative criticism from the world. Always remember that you are here to become the best version of yourself. The best thing you can do is brush them off.

You know what else. They are envious of you because you know you will become something great in life.

Believe it so. You will become something great in life and that is why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Also remember that those who do great things in life will receive the most criticism in life.

Those who have accomplished great things in life because they did not let those negative words sprout in their head.

You’re someone special in life and the bigger your life dreams become expect to have bigger mountains to climb.

Do not be discourage because you are the only one in this world who can climb that mountain.

I think this is the part that makes us special. We have our own mountains to climb and each mountain is made specially for you. You know why?

Because you’re the only one who can climb it.

Prove it to yourself and prove to us that you’re more than just a human being breathing in earth. You are someone special and be one.

Eliminate Self-Judgement


You know one thing? Another thing that you must eliminate from your mind is self-hatred. Do not spend time hating yourself. You are not an evil or bad human being.

Don’t be to judge mental and hard on yourself. Take your time. In due time you will become the success and the best you’re destined to be.

Sometimes as human beings we’re always in a rush and forget the true meaning of growing in life.

Appreciate every moment and every obstacle that has come your way and do what it takes to eliminate harsh self-hatred or what I call self-judgement.

It’s bad enough the world is already against you and you are going to need one person who can hold your hand through out this journey and who else but you.

Be kind to yourself even if things are going bad you don’t need another person judging you. Tell yourself wonderful things when things are hard even if they are hard to believe remember your focus.

Remember where you come from because it will give you the strength you need to be someone important and valuable in life.

Sometimes you are doing it for someone else. Remember that too.

Sometimes the best happiness in life is seeing yourself grow slowly and steady and watching wonderful things grow before your eyes.

I personally do not rush in life and let things be because I know sooner or later I will achieve my goal.

This is something you should remember too.

I would like to hear from you.

What are you’re struggling with today that is stopping you growing?

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1. Remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing and put it in a piece of paper for reminder.

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