It’s a hard to succeed in a tough world. So what do you do when the world brings you down and no one believes in you? It almost feels like the world does not want us to succeed. Should we allow to believe this statement. I believe something inside of us wants to succeed despite how tough the world treats us.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] believe no matter the circumstances we should still try even if the world feels like it’s designed to fail us. There is a good saying that goes along the words, “It it were easy everyone would be doing it.” This is true. We must believe that if success were easy then everyone would be doing it. Then again we don’t see success being so easy so we must believe the world is not here to fail us but to test our perseverance and will. Even if life wants us to fail we must try. We must at least do this for ourselves. I believe our soul purpose here is to try the possibility of what if things went our way and we overcame the odds of the world. Imagine the success and person we would be? This is where we must try and believe we can even if the world is design to put us down or you.

That said here are some tips you can do to get over this mentally and become the best version you can be

We need a strong mentally. No matter the difficulties we face in life we must “try” I like to say strive for our dream, ourselves. More than anything we should develop ourselves by becoming the best version we can be. Here we must be honest. Even if we are developing and changing we know we can be more than this. We can reach our goal but our attitude must change. Our attitude is link to our way of thinking about ourselves and we must struggle. It’s a shame our life is not easy and we are born to struggle then succeed. But that can change if we work together. We can start by changing into a strong mental mindset. We are not where we are at because we don’t believe. That is one secret we must do. Let’s start believing.

One of the reasons we haven’t succeeded in life is because of old non motivational mindsets. We or most of us have developed and kept using an old style of thinking full of insecurities, hopes, and doubts. That has to change first. We become the best version of ourselves by committing to changing. We start believing as mentioned above. We must start believing only in ourselves and stop making the excuse of not becoming someone in life because no one else believes us. The error we make in life is placing our success and self growth in the hands of another. The error is not outside. It is easy for us to blame others and circumstances of this tough world but it is us. We must be honest that the true problem of our failure in life is ourselves. We have to change it now.

The biggest excuse is not feeling we are enough. We believe we must have the emotional support or belief of others to succeed. That is not true. We can do this ourselves. Remember there are many who we have shared our dream with in hopes that they will believe in us. This is never going to happen.

We must believe in ourselves and ourselves only. Yes, life and succeeding would be easier if others believed in us especially our love ones but that is not our case. We are here to do it ourselves. To take the journey alone and stop making excuses. We have to out-convince ourselves that we need someone else to believe in us. This is never going to happen. We are worth it but we can’t see it. Once we begin to see how much worth and confidence we have in ourselves I believe there is where we will shine.


Going Back To Our Success Map

We see how others believe in themselves. I don’t think it should be that hard. Believing I believe has to do with us. We made it hard on ourselves. Our doubts, fears and insecurities have taken over. What I believe we must do is rekindle our self confidence. There are things in life we are great at and number one. What happened to that? Perhaps we need to plunge back into history and figure out how to be number one again. How was our mindset, how was our emotional state? If we have lost that we must rekindle it as quickly as possible. The tip here is we must re-do o re-read that map again and do it. The homework here is sitting quietly and remember where in time we have left that map.

Another thing we must do is stop believing in nonsense. We should be mature enough to know what is right from wrong and what is good from bad. I share this point with you because I believe we are believing that others will rescue us. That is also not going to happen. We believe we need the special support of a certain special someone or it’s not worth doing. Remember the reason we are doing this is for us not them. Who cares about them. We are here to believe in ourselves, support ourselves and that is is. We cannot wait and we don’t have eternity to wait on a certain person to believe in us in order to succeed. That is ridiculous. We are better than this.

Here is the part where we must place close attention to our thoughts. What ever comes in we must analyze it and see what is useful and what is not. The thing I believe we must listen and focus is our thoughts. Especially thoughts of personal strength and growth. And also lets pay attention to how much time we spend on frivolous useless futile thoughts. They will never take us anywhere. We must learn to spend more energy and thoughts on great ideas that will inspire us and motivate us. To start believing in ourselves we must watch what goes in. We have to be truly convince we will succeed.

The strongest challenge is what is belief? There should be a secret recipe but, to bad we don’t have it. But knowing ourselves I believe we can create our own recipe for self-belief and success. We must start by feeling important. Feeling we are worth it and some day we will provide value to this world, others and especially ourselves. I believe when we start feeling important everything else will fall into its place. Here comes a lot the point of trust. How much do you trust yourself? Perhaps creating self-belief and success must start there. How trust do you have in you, your thoughts, and actions. How many times have we been in situations where we lost control or circumstances of life have overpowered us? This should tell us a little bit or a lot about ourselves. We are not in control because we must learn to trust. Work on that.

Again we will succeed in life but we do it independently. We cannot foster a co-dependent disease with others. That is not us. We are here to become someone great in life even if they don’t believe in us we must stop depending on others. We must learn to fish on our own and stop asking for many breaks. The toughest job we face is others do not believe in us because we dependent to much. Learn to be independent and others will see you in a different light. Transform yourself away from others.

Another point is our dreams. We will accomplish our dreams through placing our own goal in our own hands. When we place our dreams and hopes in another they have the liberty of throwing it away, trashing it or crushing it with their bare hands. It is better we carry our own dream in our hands. If you are one of those who carries it on one hand you can switch to the other when you are tired. The point here is simple. We are the ones to carry our own hope


Here is another good point we should work on. Who’s dream are you working yours or another’s? In other words our dreams our our dreams. We cannot waste time by what others say. Yes, there will be people who we will disappoint, frustrate and darn it won’t believe in us but that should be okay. We are here on earth to learn self-belief, self-reliance and inner strength. The reason many will not believe in us is because we must learn self-growth. In order to learn self-growth we must learn it through pain and it’s opposite: “put downs, disqualifications, doubts, etc”. Here is where we make it or break.

I guess what I am saying here is we must become the best version of ourselves. We are tested here in life “do we really want to succeed in life” , we are tested all the time. If we can overcome the criticism and put downs perhaps we have a chance. It just sucks the world is teaching us this lesson the hard way. The lesson is to stand up for ourselves. We must learn to defend our dream. To defend our heart. Do we stand and fight or fall or die. We must figure out if we really want this.

Life is pushing us to build character. To succeed in this tough world we must learn to stand up for ourselves, leave the comfort zone, bite and chew what we must and overall build self-belief. If we really want to be the best version of ourselves and achieve success we must transform ourselves now and hope to be the envy or example for many. We must be there for us.


How can I reach my goal when everyone is bringing me down and no one is believing in me?

Well you already have it. It is listed above and the best part is we need to start now we cannot wait anymore. We cannot let words brings us down and criticism to crush us. The only way out of this is with our head held high.

Lastly, listen I don’t know you personally but if you are one of those people above who the world and others are bringing down I believe in you. I believe you are here to create something in the world and I believe you have a dream that needs to be made. Do not give up and believe in your dream. Convince yourself first to believe in yourself. Our dream comes second, we are first. You can do this.

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