Having a Life purpose Is about Transformation.

It gives you purpose meaning. A life purpose transforms you everyday from the person you were before into the person you want to be.

It gives you enough to make you not stop fighting. A life purpose breaks apart all aspects of yourself you’re uncomfortable with. All the fears it takes away.

When you have something to fight for it gives you a certain sensation. Pay close attention to that sensation it gives you. It is transformation. That feeling you get when you think about your purpose it should excite you.

It will light the darkest deepest parts of your being and give it life. Look deep inside yourself. When you have a goal in life it gives you breath in your lungs, air to breath. It makes you feel alive.

Do not give up on your goal or purpose in life. Life is not best spent not enjoying it. Enjoy life, a life’s purpose provides this transformation you need in life.

All transformation are great. As we go through this self transformation just by having an idea we start moving forward. We become better and inspire a vision inspiring about ourselves.

Pursuing your life’s goal will transform out from the person you do not want to be into the person you are destined to be.

They just don’t transform you economically but emotionally, physically and spiritually too. Doesn’t this excite you!

These transformations are always exponential, positive. There is no goal in the world destined to destroy man. On the contrary pursue your life’s goal and wait to see which transformations are in stored for you.

You do not have figure life out. Just start with one idea that will light your mind, spirit and soul. The whole transformation process will happen by itself. The only thing you need to do is start working on your goal and wait for the change to happen.

What is your transformation…


1. Come up with a transformation, meditate and let the universe get you there.

2. Want more ideas to keep you pursuing your goal click here.

Photo Credit: Krasivaya Liza Flickr via Compfight cc

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