Why are you not trying enough for your goals?

It is the intelligence you engage with yourself. I will explain. You must have the conviction you are important in life. Goal setting is all about mental machinery. Down the road you might have to upgrade the bolts and pieces or switch it completely if that is what you must do.

To succeed in the game of life because indeed life is a game and you only get one try. So listen here. You might yonder believe that its not a coincidence you are here on earth. You are from a selected few to come down into this planet and live wealthy and successful lives.

It is just a shame you haven’t believe this and that yet. But I will share with you how to switch that mind of yours to get you what you want.

In the game of life, life favors those who try. There is not quitting you hear. If you are the chosen one, which I have told you; you have to believe you are special before any of this powerful magic to work.

When you have a goal in mind there should be no quitting dangling or wandering in your mind. Nod single droplet of false hope or stink of failure in the air. You must be clear minded at all times with a fixed gazed at your target.

You cannot be lazy and when you questioned yourself “Why am I not trying enough towards my goal?” , this is false advertising. You are trying and you must continue like a train going. It is the illusion you have “I wish I was doing better” that is bringing you down to tears. But let it not be so.

So here is the first part of that machinery brain of yours you need. You need to just TRY. Even if you contemplate failure or disaster let it be so but do not let it be a permanent belief in your mind. Let it wander, let it sink but not born.

What do I mean by these words you say? Even if you know you are going to fail at your project in hand just try. The satisfaction of just trying is more lively and invigorating than not doing anything at all.

Let me share an example, you want to become a millionaire right or famous rock star or something big out of the ordinary. Even if you do not make it. It is more satisfying for others to see you try and most of all yourself. You will feel more jolt trying than not doing anything at all.

Just the idea of trying should be more motivating than the goal itself. When you have master this key principle you will never quit on your goal.

Why does this work? Because it is less stressful to have in your mind an idea like trying than the goal itself. When you have a strong goal in mind and haven’t reached it yet it puts a burden in you. Believing in trying weights more than being a millionaire or a famous rock star because we all know that is a far fetch dream to achieve.

You must carry with you a believable goal. That is what keeps many out of the goal setting life game. Those with unbelievable heavy burden goals tend to quit or lose at the end. When you have a believable goal in mind flowing in it is easier. Trying to get it is facile. It will help you sleep between the sheets at night.

Do not set heavy goals you cannot carry that is my message to you, you hear.

Always start with light feather goals. Doable for you and others. That is the first thought in mind. These doable goals also become not just easier but fun to do.

To be persistent in one’s course of life you must do more than just try. Do not beat or self torture yourself to arduous goals. The mind only accomplishes easy goals. Achieve those that are less stressful and a burden to your emotional self image.

How do you go about pursuing and not quitting on big goals then? I am glad you ask that question. To pursue your destiny you must accept the idea that perhaps you will not become your destiny but a version somewhat lesser than it. The only thing you can do is get a glimpse or a short closer version of it.

When you accept this true it will help you pursue your goal non-stop. Let me elaborate further. Let’s say you want to become a professional public speaker for Major Business corporations, perhaps you might become it but you are speaking in schools, small business or something related to speaking. Nevertheless, you are speaking professionally but not at the level you desired.

Do not be discouraged this is how this magic of goal setting works. Just because you are seeing results it will help you to keep pursuing the higher major speaking gig. It should work for you. Do not be disappointed at the results. You will eventually get there but not an exact version of it, understand?


Remember I am not asking you to dream small. On the contrary dream as big as you may, just remember these simple principles. Your goal should be emotional less stressing, doable and just try. Also believe you will become a somewhat version of it but not an exact version of it.

This will propel you to keep pursuing your goal. All of us do not become the exact version of our goal but we accept and must feel content of becoming a close version of it. This is the secret.

All those successful people you see where initially not the exact goal they set at the beginning. In other words, you might desire Blue but end up being light sky-blue but at the end it’s blue.

Get rid of guilt in your emotional mastery process. What do I mean by this sort of thing. Perhaps you are setting goals that bring guilt in you. For instance, I have seen many fail to be millionaires because their families have taught them money is the root of all evil and their subconscious unconsciously sabotages them to fail.

Look and plunge deep inside your soul and see what guilt beliefs are living inside you and weed them off the ground. Let new seeds of growth sprout in your subconscious mind and let it spread across the land.

Guilt is a big killer for both men and women alike. Convince yourself this is not of your virtue. Reprogram your emotions to not feel guilty of desiring such preposterous goal despite how big or unrealistic it might sound to the ears of other men.

Dream big in a way to break through the emotions of guilt. A Goal I say should inspire you. A goal should not shame you or disown you. A goal should engage with your emotions positively. Sometimes the goal itself is not difficult to overcome but your emotions and beliefs are.

Overcome your emotional woes and carry yourself to success. I have seen many fail because of this. Find a goal that lifts your spirit instead.


I truly believe you have goodness in you. Achieve this. Set a goal with a partner. When you find yourself at the cusp of quitting you must know you cannot do an army’s journey alone. You need artillery or a combat partner to engage with you. You cannot do this journey alone. If you fall alone you have no one to pick you up. When you fall with someone at your side at least he or she can pick you up.

Do not be prideful or foolish here. Join another who will help you in your journey. Pick likes. When goals are done in pairs, wonders happen, when they are done in groups miracles occurs. Choose the best fitting. Find that person close to you who will share this journey with you.

Secondly, let me explain a little bit more about picking partners. Another deadly sin I have seen or another dream killer is loneliness. When you catch yourself terrible in the dark, alone and depressed it will be game over for you. Loneliness is the biggest enemy of goal setting. You cannot accomplish a goal with a lonely heart. Loneliness eats goals.

Dreams and goals are done by the brave and good natured heart. Get rid of loneliness from your heart and you will see wonders done in the way. Solitude is a big killer too, avoid it at all cost.


You will know success when you have overcome these negative emotions in life. To keep yourself from completing your goal you must be in a up lifting mood all the time. In a way you must become a machine with positivity. The higher you feed yourself good moods the less likely you are to give up on your goal. I have not seen till today someone successful in life while drowning in negativity, depression, guilt etc. Most have strong hearts, Perseverance, strength and grace.

I am asking you to be happy and grateful at all cost despite your goal. A happy mind is a not quitting mind. Be happy with each step along the say. Remember what intelligence I have shared with you today. You will not be an exact copy of your dream goal just a small version of it and be happy for it.

This will push you to keep trying for the real accurate copy. You will reach your full potential when the time is right. Be also accepting of this notion. Let time let things be do not force what is not meant to be.
Knowing you have potential in you is enough to keep you standing.

There will be times when life falls down but keep a smile on your face and know you’re trying and will come close to something of your desire dream. Goal setting is not difficult it is all mental and emotional. The best thing to know when all else fails is know where you are heading. Having direction in life is one big step in the goal setting life game.

If you can smile at your blunders and dark moments you will win. Place yourself always in a state of gratitude and happiness and see your goal engage with you. Goals are attracted. You know what else as a secret. Goals love those with great hearts. Attract with the love you have for it.


Have a big enough heart for your goal. Always love the goal even if its in your life or not.

I have seen many achieve their true life’s goal in life because they have a tremendous love for it. This is something you have to check with yourself. If you are falling short of love, heartless and cold and you do not have any sort of love for your goal then you are doomed. You must learn to love your goal with all your heart in order achieve it.

Those who have the highest love for their goal achieve it.

This will help. Practice self love. I think this is where most people fail in life when they are goal setting. They try to achieve a goal in life bigger than they are and when they achieve it they are still unhappy.

One of the biggest fails man can have is to achieve a goal and emotionally feel empty inside.

Learn to love yourself and this will help you achieve great success in your goal setting agenda. How do you start loving yourself, I don’t know that should be another goal set in your goal list. Learn to love yourself this is the secret to true goal setting the rest just follows.

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