Hey all us been there feeling old, unemployed and feeling stuck in life.

So what do you do to get unstuck when you feel like building a successful business you always wanted but don’t know how?

Because it’s possible to get unstuck and get your life back on track. I seen people do it.

Let me share one secret with you. It’s not about building a successful business that is going to change this around. It’s about building a successful MINDSET first.


BELIEVE in your work. That is rule AND lesson number one. When it comes to building a successful business, dream or goal it starts by believing in your work. The reason you’re wanting to build this business is because you believe in it. Isn’t that right?

You must believe with all your might, heart and soul that you must build your business because you believe in YOU and most of all who wouldn’t. To build or start that successful business it starts with you.

When you figure out what you want to build in life and it represents heart-heartily fully (what a mix of words) you, that is where motivation will start.

A business has to represent who you are. If it doesn’t that is why you don’t feel motivated to build it.


To build a successful business does start with building a strong belief that this what you’re meant to do. You have to own it. You have to believe this is what you’re meant to be or it won’t work.

There is nothing wrong with breaking away from the rat race if that’s your fear.

Learn to develop a strong mindset. Believe in you as much as you believe in your business.

Second lesson is when it comes to building a successful business you must believe it’s a purpose you must fulfill in life.
When you feel it’s your life purpose everything changes. Your mind begins to work magically and more over you have to be certain and persistent.

Get your butt to work. In other words believing it’s your life purpose is a big motivator for change.

Life can be dark and there is sunshine too. In business you will encounter unhappiness, despair and hopelessness, I hear ya. But If this is really what you want to do in life you have to pull through. And you’ll do it.

Life is not going to hand you free lemonade. Is it really the business that has a problem or is it you. Perhaps you have to work harder on yourself than your business. In this case worker harder on you (your mindset ) first.

Stop playing the blame game and get your business plan going.

The real problem is you stop believing in what you are. You stop believing in yourself and swim in a pool of despair. Finding excuses and blaming the world for your failure.

What is even worst being in debt, old and stuck. Now that is a storm. But don’t worry when you build your mindset first everything starts to change.


The best medicine to build a successful business starts with you. It starts really WITHIN YOURSELF. Allow yourself to dream, allow yourself to break the boundaries of how and where you want to take your business.

Perhaps you want to take it as high as the sky or the moon. The key here is to keep dreaming where you want to take it.

AND that energy comes within you! Get it?

Listen to that little voice in your head that tells you to push forward. And most importantly to change, to dream and scream in agony because you want to build this business as profitable and successful as possible.

Aspire to highest heights. Believe you are great. Again, what will your business become? This should inspire you. Sorry I made a mistake. I meant to say this:

What will your mindset become? How are you feeding and investing in yourself and life? Is your mind rocketing in sells and profiting or plumping and going bankrupt? Only you decide.


Being honest. When it comes to building your dream business you must be honest with yourself as well. Take away the mask that everything is okay and start doing what you need to do. Stop hiding behind mediocre and build the business you always desire.

Search deep inside yourself and ask yourself to see your true reality. Keep digging and sooner or later you will know why you haven’t started your business yet or why it’s not growing the way you want it to.

Another tip: It’s not the business that is hurting perhaps it’s you, emotionally. As of today, I haven’t seen sick emotional people run successful business. Take care of your health and emotions.

Go check yourself with a profesional and seek the true medicine you need. You are the engine of the company and do what is necessary to always be in good health and stamina.

Break out of your shell. Even a lobster when it’s uncomfortable with his shell breaks away to build a new one. Learn when time is up to break away from your old beliefs and go into a world of success, independence and entrepreneurship.

One important lesson to learn about feeding your mind is this. Let the world see you. Let the world see what kind of business you have created and better yet make yourself public and watch what you have become. Pursue what matters in life, and it’s this.

Let the world know what you have become!

So if you catch yourself stuck in life. Ask yourself this, a great place to start and the reason you’re not successful with your business or life in general because it starts with you.

Discover who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Question the purpose of your business and life.

Is this really what you’re meant to do? If so, how come you’re not developing it to where it needs to be. Move, move that is what life is all about. Businesses grow and so does life with or without you.

Be strong minded. The best businesses in the world are build by the best minds of the world.


Well there you have it to build a strong business takes a strong mind. If you want to get unstuck and build the business you always desired. It starts with you.

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but not least. I want to hear from you on the comment section below. What’s your story?

Why are you doing what you’re doing and how are you going to get unstuck and build the life you always wanted?


Ricardo Ortiz
Giving you the psychology you need to build a strong life & business.

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