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When you are driving and destiny is sitting right besides you listen to what it is saying to you when you know you are heading the wrong way. Listen to that inner voice inside of you yelling “ make a U-turn” and you do it.

Do not hesitate. You are not far wiser than destiny. Destiny is that inner voice inside of you or your own GPS telling you where you need to be heading.
The whole purpose of your inner GPS is to guide you to the right path. It’s job is not to get you lost. It’s job is to pin point you the directions you need to pay attention to when you feel lost in life.
Getting Back On Track

Getting your life back is about feeling what is right and true to you. When you cannot govern or control the life behind the steering wheel then it is time to listen to that sensation inside of you.
Many call it a inner GPS, soul, inner voice; call it what you must to make is simple and understanding for you.

The thing that you must do is stop thinking and learn to feel the path that is ahead of you. Learn to let yourself be guided by this something you call guidance, God, source, destiny, purpose etc. You must surrender to this new higher power who’s soul objective is to get you back on track when your whole life has failed.

I’ll repeat this again. When the driver has failed it is time to hand the steering wheel over and trust. This is one big element you must develop in your self. Can you trust this something to guide you to purpose?

Again letting yourself be guided by this something is not about thinking but feeling it. Feel within yourself with complete trust and blind-folded that it will take you there.

It will take you there because it is not here to harm you or get you lost. It has been warning you on your dashboard many times that you are on the wrong path in life, but you have not payed attention.

Perhaps you do not care or believe that a dashboard is telling you to do something. I believe it is time to start paying attention to the warning lights and fix everything that needs to be fixed and start letting yourself be guided on the right track by this new driver who knows best.
Living Purposely Challenge

Which warning lights are you ignoring that will guide you to the right direction?

When will you start listening to the inner true you and take off?

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