One of the biggest enemies you will face in life is apathy. It is not the goal itself that is preventing you from reaching your destination but the common enemy apathy. Everyone dislikes it and most people are falling and failing behind on their goals because of it.

Apathy is the number one killer of dreams and we all know it. Lack of interest in life is a hard struggle to overcome. It is a dream killer life waster and does it have to be like that? No.

That is why I will show you the right mental tools or attitude you need to help you overcome that sense of apathy for things persons and life. It’s all about a growth perspective attitude.

Before telling you what you need to do you to change and get the results you need. Ask yourself this “Is it really apathy you’re feeling or  are you having a ‘I don’t care’ attitude?”

Check this: to achieve success or overcome any obstacle in life you must have desire but again I will share with you ideas on how to overcome it even when you have apathy.

There is a cure for this.


When you’re faced with life feeling indifferent for the supposed things you once loved and indifferent about life business and more it has to do with you not “feeling it”. If you are not feeling it you will fail or feel horrible.

In my practice I seen many overcome apathy by being in the flow. They feel it. What ever it is they are doing they get into this zone feeling.

When it comes to feeling good in life you have to figure out what is that one thing that makes you feel flow or “be in the zone” stay in flow and maintain it. Let me tell you a personal example, there are many things I like to do in life and there are other things I do not.

They figured out that when they are in flow or flowing in any particular experience they keep pursuing their goals or dreams. When they are not in flow or feeling it even though they know it’s beneficial for them to reach that goal they don’t do it.

So the verdict is in. It’s not a mental logical game but a feeling game. What ever it is you are pursuing if you don’t feel it changes are you will lose interest.


How did I figure out when I am in flow? When I am doing something comfortable I feel it and feel 100% free natural and moving non-stop and feel great that is when I am in flow. I usually get this through swimming just one example.

I lose track of time and I am great at it and every time I want to change my emotional state I go back to that activity and practice flowing again.

So this is your homework. What activity, hobby, or skill makes you feel you, powerful, flowing, where time does not exist and you like to do it over and over again? Once you figure that out stick to that in life.

Pay close attention to your form of thinking, feeling and moving. In other words observe how you activate flow immediately. You will detect it much faster in the things you love than the things you hate.

Once you figured out how to activate it on your own boom! Do it on the things you hate and you should be accomplishing task or goals without any trouble. This works especially for students who hate studying but know they must pass the test.


Second obstacle you are facing in life is lack of direction. The reason you don’t find yourself doing anything in life and feeling apathetic all the time is because you lack direction.

Those that lack direction die emotionally and spiritually. I am pretty sure you are not one of those people that is why you’re reading this.

Start your daily life routine with a sense of direction. Pick a direction you can do. Pay close attention here. I am not saying to set a goal you want to achieve. I am not saying to pick something you are passionate about.

I am saying pick a direction you believe you CAN and ABLE to do. Perhaps today your direction is just to go through the day or exercise or relax. Pick small directions you can do.

This will change how you feel about that certain activities and snap out of your apathetic attitude.


Life is all about flow and perspective. To get rid of apathy which is one of the strongest goal killers in life you must learn to put direction in your life. Start with something small then escalate it further and higher in your goal ranks. You have to feel it.

If you don’t feel it you’re going the wrong way.

Life is much better and more invigorating when you squash away apathy in your life when you’re flowing in the right direction. Do not force something you don’t want to do in life. Let it be natural.

Be natural.

That said I now want to hear from you. What problems are you having with apathy? Why is it so hard for you to shift perspective about your life?

I want to hear from you so go ahead and write a sentence or two below.

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R. Ortiz

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