We make many excuses in life. We make excuses about not waking up early, not working hard enough or not trying at all. But what gives and how come we change it and take action towards our goals?

In this article I will share with you how you can take action towards your goal when you’re stuck.


One thing stopping you from taking action in life are the sorry excuses you give yourself. There are many I believe and one of them I am sure of is the excuse of not pursuing your goal because you lack money. It’s a money issue for you. You tell yourself “ I don’t earn enough, have enough or make enough”. In a way it pushes you to not try at all. Listen to yourself that is key here.


Catch yourself when you’re telling yourself these things. Stop playing the self pity card here. How many times have you fallen short into this sort of thinking. Just because you don’t have money for this or that you are not going to try? Listen to yourself. Life is unfair and unjust but you have to pursue your goal regardless of having money or not.


One reason you aren’t succeeding in life might be because your way of thinking is not helping. You need to find a new form of thinking forward. One way of thinking is needing certain resources or you’ll quit. You do not need anything. Everything you need is in you. There are already motivations and reasons for you to pursue your goal. The only thing you need is yourself or someone or something to activate those reasons for motivation and action. The reasons already exist dormant in you. Wake them up.

Another great way of changing your thinking is thinking about self-actualizing. Not many people think about self growth or development. You have to be the contrary. Start thinking about growing in all aspects of your life.

Regarding the money issue you must think differently about money. You can still pursue your dream goal without money. What needs to change is your focus. Do not focus on that particular element anymore and set your energy to another destination that needs your attention. Sometimes at the end of our journey we find out money was not the issue but our focus on it was. I have witness many succeed without money and found other means to get where they are. Be that kind of person. Expect to be where you want to be without depending on money that much. It will loosen you up to pursue putting action towards your life.


What else do we have to change about our way of thinking is our childish attitude. One thing that will prevent you from succeeding in life is your childish ways. Start behaving like a full grown adult and take charge of life. If you pursue life through childish ways you will get childish results. Adults make firm decisions. What you need to do is look over your life situations and examine where you need to make firm adult decisions in life. Observe where you are making foolish childish mistakes and correct them.


When you put aside childish thinking you see before your eyes how life will change for you. In a way you will see more life in it. You see the world through an adult’s eyes. Great goals are achieved by great man not great child.

Grow a more mature thinking that is what I am saying. Put away the toys and grow. So, again childish thinking “I won’t do it, I don’t wanna etc” are not way to succeed in life. Let the immature child go and grow.



Learn to give things in life time to grow. Children are impatient you are not. Your goals and dreams need attention of a grown adult who is able to wait and persist. Goals and dreams consist of investing time. Learn to be passive by allowing things to unfold and grow. Growth cannot be rushed. Let things be. The reason you haven’t placed action on any goal is because you believe things should be done in that instant. The world does not work like that.


This is how you learn patience. The battles are within. Make peace with yourself and know that wars are not won in one shot. For instance, look at a tree and observe it. It took years for it to grow. Nature works this way. Allow nature to do the same with you. Grow and put action were its required from you and nature will take care of the rest. It’s a process of time not one hit wonders.


Pursuing action towards life requires maturity. When a tree over time becomes mature it bears fruit. When you pluck an unripped fruit it’s sour. The same is with us humans. To place action towards one’s goal we must allow time to grow and become mature enough to be serious about our life.


Be serious about life. Choose a path where you will grow, bear fruit and as always things take time. Do not panic things will not happen at your pace. Sometimes this is one thing that keeps people from placing action towards their life. Be brave.

Many argue fear is the factor preventing you from placing action towards your goal. However, I believe we are the ones because of our immaturity. Be mature to take your life seriously and life will mature the way you need.


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