The most frightening thing in life is perhaps being locked inside a coffin buried 100 feet underground while no one can hear you or rescue you. The thought of knowing you are going to die is frightening isn’t it?

Do you want to know the truth? The truth is failing in life is the highest fear a man could have; not accomplishing anything and completely being nothing in life. That is the biggest fear anyone in my experience as a psychotherapist anyone has said to me.

So how can you overcome this fear it is easy?

Overcome the fear of feeling like nothing in life. Be somebody by getting yourself a goal for you. What is it that you want to carry out in life? Why are you here? Pick a goal you can do that will keep you busy for years. Do not joke yourself this is not a game. Get your life together and create a goal that will inspire you to become great. Greater than yourself right now. You must become so great that your past self-will be envious of your ideal self.

One of the best things you can do to become a better person in life and overcome this fear of failing in life is pick a goal that will challenge every cell in your body. Yes, grow emotionally, mentally and physically to a point that you yourself will become unrecognizable to you. Again, pick a goal that will have you working like a mad man it will keep your mind busy from ever letting fear come inside your head.

Do not expect success overnight, do not kid yourself. Pick a goal anything that will teach you for days. Push you for weeks and inspire you for years. A goal that will have you working day and night to a point of happily exhaustion. Your goal should be so inspiring it removes fear from you. Even fear itself will be scared of what you will become. Your cells should be tremendously trembling with inspiration. Each cell in your body should be unrecognizable to you. When you succeed in life even you will not recognize yourself . By becoming this, there should be nothing frightening about life.


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nother frightening fear you cannot have is wander aimlessly and stupidly in life. Do not let your mind idle for hours, who does that? Not you. You cannot have empty slots in your mind for fear, doubt and self-criticism to go in. You cannot. This is why you need a goal that will polish you for years and keep you busy. Because once your mind goes idle you are doomed. It sucks you in like a vacuum. Keep yourself busy.

I am saying this to you because it applies to you. This applies to you because I know deep down inside you want to become a better person in life and sometimes you fear what does not exist. Why devastated yourself when nothing is there. The only fear you should fear is becoming nothing in life. That is man’s biggest fear, nothing. It wants to be something. Be something, yes you.

Contributing yourself is a way to overcome the feeling of nothing. Learn to share your ability, your love, your hugs etc. Become selfless and prove that you care about others more than yourself. Contribute your body to others.

The Biggest Fear Is Feeling Failure

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you have reached this far the biggest fear you have is failure. You do not want to fail and you avoid it . That is many who want to be successful do not grow because humans will do anything to avoid it. The biggest secret no one has told you is this; you grow in life through feeling failure. So, if you want to be somebody in life you must learn to grow inside failure, breathe it and overcome it. You must swim in failure, be failure, eat failure and if you become tolerant and overcome that feeling you are 80 percent closer to your goal.

What will separate you from the rest of the pack is learn to manage  failure, be failure which is man’s biggest fear. Let it be your companion but do not let it control you. Learn from it. It is your biggest master.

“Man’s biggest fear is also man’s biggest breakthrough”

Fear + Failure = Personal Growth


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