[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou must have many reasons to fuel your life’s purpose in life. You cannot rely on just one or your will to fight fuels out.

To keep that burning desire inside you fuel it. You fuel it daily doses of ideas, reasons why you’re pursuing your goal. Do not depend your success on ONE.

It is impossible to succeed with just one. Your motivation comes and goes just like ideas. No matter how much you believe that one reason will take you there in matter of hours, days or weeks, it is gone.

This is why you need constant reasons to keep fighting. Do not quit, do not depend on one WHY.

Do Not Give Up Yet


Most men give up on their true life’s purpose because they don’t believe. That is true but, it goes beyond that. You need real reasons (plural) why you’re doing what you’re doing.

You need reasons that will move you forward continuously. You have to have everyday reasons why you do what you do.

So, if today you feel like quitting, I will give you another reason why you should keep going.

Pursue your purpose heart heartily because you do not want¬†to be another man’s slave. There are men out there working on their dream and so should you. You must work harder on your dream or become another slave in someone else’s dream.

Do not work on making someone else happier, richer or fuller when you can have the same dream. Either work on your dream now or slowly become someone else’s.

And usually building someone else’s dream is not that great unless you get a large piece of the pie too.

Design Your Dream

We must wake up and start working on our dream, our goals, our success. We must decide today we want to be proud of ourselves, to wake up to something we created from our own minds.

Wake up and start designing your dream, a goal, anything that will get you out of building another man’s dream. Make the decision today to create something the represents you.

Pursuing a dream that is your own breaks you out of that mundane cycle of self-pity and un satisfaction. You know what is the beauty of having your own dream come true? It is unique and you make up the rules!

You get to wake up everyday knowing you are working on yourself. You get a sense of feeling unique, original, you become you.

Safe Zone

And you know what is great about building your dream goal. You see yourself transforming into the person you always imagine to be entirely. You step out of your comfort zone, break it and in it comes out a stranger.

This is the stranger you always waited to happen. The one who will take you from point A to point B and face all your fears. You finally let it out.

It will get you to grow balls and finally quit that good for nothing, mediocre job you always wanted to leave.

The new you is a dreamer, a driven achievers. If you cannot do it he can.

This new you becomes a daredevil a quality needed to succeed. A risk taker, a fighter someone who grows and wants to be at the top. Will you let him come out?

And you know most importantly? You become different from the person you were yesterday.

Begin your life journey so you show to yourself what you’re really made off. Isn’t that a reason to propel you enough?

Think about it, a reason to finally wake up in the morning.

This is your dream protect it and nourish it. Become the brave soul you are going to be. Dream big because that is something no one can take away from you.

So, start working on your dream now because there is someone else working on his and you might be in his plan but not in a good way.

Next Step Challenge

1.¬†Design your own dream before you become someone else’s.

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